Words cannot even….

What I’m about to post is very graphic and may not be for sensitive viewers.    So, if you are easily offended,  perhaps use some caution if you are going to read further.

My job involves all aspects of animal care.    Whether it be people first getting a puppy or kitten and needing information on taking care of it from step one,  to people who treat their animals like objects.    It’s those people,  the ones that say “Eh, I just feed it whatever is the cheapest at the store when I go.  Doesn’t matter.”    Most of those people I can deal with using a calm, level head.    Perhaps they were raised that way,  where pets aren’t members of the family but just ‘animals’ and don’t know any better.     Sometimes I can change that person’s way of thinking and get them to see that cat or dog as a loyal friend.    Usually it only takes a bit of education and answering a LOT of questions on mine and of course the veterinarian’s part in order to achieve that.    When that happens,  it’s so rewarding and it always reminds me why I chose to get into the line of work that I am in.

However,  there are other cases where things go the totally opposite way.    Today was one of those days.    Our game warden came into the clinic and asked if we had a microchip scanner he could use to scan a dog.   I told him he could just bring the dog in and I’d be able to do it.   He replies with “Oh no,   there’s no way I can get what’s left of him out of the back of my truck”


So I went outside with him with the scanner to check the remains of this dog for a microchip.   I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to see.   Laying in the back of that truck was a gutted, mostly eaten carcass of a young shepherd mix.    It’s insides were completely gone as well as the dog’s eyes.    We couldn’t tell if the dog was male or female due to the sheer mauling of this poor dog’s body.     Also in the back of the truck with this dog sat a large wire crate with the front door removed and laying next to it.   The cage had quite a bit of damage to it as if it had been kicked, rolled or…  chewed on.     After moving the microchip scanner across both sides of the carcass (over the beetles and maggots that were all over, ugh!)  and finding nothing I had to turn away and then hold my breath from the smell of death and decay.   The game warden proceeded to tell me how he came to find this dog.    A morning jogger had happened upon it at one of the remote training areas.    The dog had apparently been locked in that crate and left out there.    Then,  at some point a predator, most likely a pack of coyotes found the dog sitting there in its crate,  got the door off and tore the poor dog to shreds probably eating it while it was still alive.   The thought of what that poor thing must have gone through up until those wild dogs got into its crate and killed it just sickens me.   I can’t even fathom it.    What kind of human being does that?  Did they think that leaving it out there would result in someone coming along and taking it home and keeping it as a pet?    Were they really that ignorant to risk doing that to this innocent creature who probably wondered by it was being left behind as the only owned it had ever known sped away from sight?   I’m just speechless over this.    All I want to do is somehow find these people involved and turn them in.   Make sure they get what’s coming to them.   Hell, if I had my way they would have the same thing happen to them.   Let them sit in a wire kennel waiting for predators to come out of the woods to eat them.   The worst thing about this whole thing is since it is a military post where this dog was found on,  then the person or people involved are soldiers or relatives of soldiers.   People who defend our freedom.   If those kinds of people are the ones who are out there ‘defending our freedom’.    then I hate to say it but we’re fucked.

and that’s all I have to say about that.

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