Another review blog from Influenster! This time it’s Calvin Klein Reveal men!

Influenster gave me another opportunity to try out something I’ve always wanted to try.   Well,  actually it’s for my husband but it’s also for me 😉   A little over a month ago I was sent a questionnaire about colognes.   What ones have I tried, what ones would I be interested in trying in exchange for my opinion, etc.  I guess I answered the correct answers because shortly after that I was informed that I qualified for the Calvin Klein REVEAL for men  Voxbox!    Yay!    Voxboxes come in all sizes,  this one only held one sample but it was of a cologne that I have always wanted to smell.    My husband has always been kind of a ‘put on whatever smells good at the time’ kinda guy while I am VERY scent orientated.  ( One of the first gifts I bought for him when we first met was a bottle of Curve)   I love putting on things that smell sweet and fruity (Juicy Couture is my absolute favorite)  but I have a small collection of different choices if the mood hits me differently on any given day, and I do make sure I leave the house every morning smelling like one of them.  It’s a ritual I suppose.  For my husband,  it’s always been Curve or Cool Water by Davidoff but sadly, he’s  the complete opposite of me when it comes to fragrance swag.  In our household  I’M the cologne police when he has an important function at work that he has to dress up for and I make sure he leaves smelling just as nummy as he looks.   Sometimes I can tell he just gets frustrated, rolls his eyes and walks away… but I’ll sneak in a spritz on his back while he’s walking away so I still win 🙂   He’ll thank me someday when someone compliments him.

I’m not sure exactly what it is in Curve/Cool Water that I really love to smell on a man, even if I’m out in public walking around I’ll catch a whiff of someone wearing it nearby.      It’s strong and spicy but also clean smelling and exotically sweet.   So, with all that said I was curious on how Calvin Klein would measure up to my favorites.   I definitely wasn’t disappointed!


The package arrived with a little sample of Reveal in a pump spray bottle (never seen one so small before, so cute!) and a little leather card holder (upper right in the picture)   A little extra ‘thank you’ from them for trying out their product.   When I opened it I snuck a sniff and knew I was going to like it.  It has all the components that makes up the scent that I LOVE.   It’s like  a mix of sweet and spice with  a sandalwood overtone.    The next day my husband had a meeting at work that he had to attend in suit and tie so I made sure he wore it.  It absolutely smelled delicious on him,  and it was just as yummy and fragrant after his long work day .    He did say that he received a few comments (not harassingly  of course) and he made sure to tell them it was Calvin Klein Reveal.   As a whole, I love this and would definitely consider this as a future gift for him the next time I proudly don my scent police badge 🙂

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein2

Thank you again,  Influenster for allowing me to test out another product.   Doing this is so much fun!

**as a member I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. the opinions expressed above are mine**

Frosty Voxbox review in its entirety! (edited)

A couple weeks ago I got a box of free goodies delivered to me.   Around November I signed up for Influenster which is a large community of people who offer their time to test and review products in exchange for receiving the products for free.  I had a fellow military wife friend who told me about this and she had gotten to a pretty high level.   She was once sent a camera.    Since I love to write,  I wanted to try this out for myself.      Well, I was qualified for the first box that came available shortly after joining.    I know I posted this picture before,  but for the sake of this entire box review I will do it again.   Behold!   The Frostyvoxbox!

My Voxbox!

My Voxbox!

The mailman had just put the box on my doorstep and didn’t ring our doorbell or anything,  so it was a REAL surprise to open my front door to let our two dachshund puppies out to potty and see this bright red box sitting on my porch.  Now, fair warning.. I’ve never been a salesperson who sold Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, scentsy, Amway, or any other merchandise that relies on commission and pressuring the public.   So the following product reviews may be sloppy but they will be honest. I really had fun testing out these free goodies and I hope that Influenster will entrust me with more of these to try in the future.   I’m really happy with their company so far,  their website is an informational cornucopia for people looking to try new things with input from the public.  And kudos to the companies that offer out their products for free to people like me.  I hope I’m able to offer some insight that will help inspire.

First thing I took out of the box to try was the Celestial Seasonings tea.    I love tea,  and this flavor “Candy Cane Lane”  sounded perfect for Christmas.    It’s also a green tea which I’ve heard is better for you.    The sample pack came with 2 tea bags AND a coupon!    A few minutes of steeping the tea in hot water and my tea was ready for tasting.    The first thing I noticed was the smell.    Yum.   Peppermint with a hint of  herbal/sweet.   Some teas can be so strong it’s overbearing and bitter,  but this one was smooth and very pleasant.    Adding sugar or any sweetener wasn’t even necessary as it had a hint of sweetness like the smell indicated.   Overall I really liked this tea, and already used my coupon to buy a box to keep on hand (I think it’s seasonal so I wanted to make sure I got some more in time!)


Next up was the Fruit Vines.   This was a regular sized bag they sent me for a sample!   Normally licorice isn’t my thing but this particular kind I actually liked.   It tastes more like fruit than it does that weird licorice flavor. (no offense to Red Vines!)  It tastes like one of those cherry fruit roll ups you would get packed in your lunch growing up, only in handy bite sized pieces.   Right now the bag is sitting in my desk at work and one or two pieces at a time suffices for a snack to get me through the day.   Yum!    Just make sure you keep the bag sealed up well or the licorice will harden.  I use a few paperclips and it keeps it sealed up great!


Next up,  I got a hairbrush from Ecotools.  IMG_1517   Now, my hair pretty much hates the water where we currently live.    In fact, it hated the water in Germany too.   The only time I have semi normal looking hair is when I am in California.  I don’t know what it is but every morning I wake up looking like a poodle.  Poofy and annoying,  those are 2 perfect words to describe my hair.  I’ve become reliant on products in order to keep my hair semi human looking.  This brush is a ‘styler and smoother’ as stated on the package.   I’m not saying at all that this is a miracle tool but I WILL say that I noticed a difference after using it.

Poofy poodle hair (before hairbrushing)

Poofy poodle hair (before hairbrushing)

An improvement!   Product free! Just brushed the frizz away (after)

An improvement! Product free! Just brushed the frizz away (after)

I’m totally going to keep using this brush and may even check out some other ecotools products.  (

Next is a tube of lipstick from NYC (New York Color) in Sugarplum.

NYC lipstick  Sugarplum

NYC lipstick Sugarplum

What do you think?

Wearing the NYC lipstick Sugarplum

Wearing the NYC lipstick Sugarplum

Wearing NYC lipstick  Sugarplum

Wearing NYC lipstick Sugarplum

This lipstick looks pretty nice on me 🙂  I usually don’t dress up as much as I should, but this color is one I’d include in a dress up if I ever did.   There is an event coming up sometime in January where Mike and I have been invited to a dinner party being hosted by the Garrison Commander.   Perfect excuse to dress up and be all girly for a night 😀

NYC lipstick..  don't forget to blot!  ;)

NYC lipstick.. don’t forget to blot! 😉

Also in the box was Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner.   I purposely didn’t take a picture of me wearing this.   Reason being my eyebrows look like a Sasquatch.  I’ll just say that I already like black and grey colored eyeliners and this one is waterproof which is an added bonus!

Also got a full sized bottle of Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

I’m sort of ashamed to admit this but I rarely use any form of makeup remover, but I tried this to see how it worked.   I always figured that it would leave a greasy film on your skin and was pleasantly surprised to see that wasn’t the case.  Plus a little of this goes a long way.   I could let this bottle stretch for a while,  which is nice.

And last but certainly not least there was a sample packet of Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum.    This was the only item in the box I was really disappointed in.  I tried it and really really REALLY liked it,  but there was only a half a splash in the packet.    It stated that after a week you should be able to see results. I have awful undereye dark patches that I would love to get rid of.   Being offered not even a few day sample doesn’t really amount to anything.  Not that I’m not thankful for receiving this box,  but if they wanted their anti aging serum properly reviewed the sample should have lasted a little longer.


Well,  there’s my long winded review on the VoxBox.  I hope to be picked again to get more of these someday as it was fun doing this.   I heard the newest box was just mailed out but I didn’t get selected for that one  (Reese’s VoxBox,  that would have been a box full of YUM,  oh well!)   To whoever took the time to read this whole post,   thank you 🙂    I really appreciate it.    I will work on a Vintage Picture of the Day a little later this evening.   Thinking of calling those posts “V.P.O.T.D”     What do you think?   Catchy?

A box of goodies just for my opinions!

Signed up for one of those product review websites a few months ago.  I was asked questions about what I liked and what products I would be willing to try.   Then lo and behold,  a box is delivered to my front step today!  I used to love writing so much and I’m trying really hard to get back into it and having the opportunity to do this I think is a great inspiration.  Off and on for a few years I would write my reviews for Trip Advisor.   Some are positive,  some not positive at all.. but I like to think they were entertaining to read either way.    So now I get to review products 😀  yay!   To check it out for yourself…      Once I get to trying out these products I’ll write about them here.   Not quite sure about the format I’m going to use to I guess it will be a surprise.