Vintage records- Disney’s Jungle Book

Haven’t done one of these in a while…   I really have a lot to catch up on!


A long time ago I had so many Disney albums I must have played most of them to death.   Back then they made them really cool with a read along book inside to make the whole record album listening experience even more fun!    You won’t see anything like that anymore..  Disney, much like most everyone else tries to crank out products not paying attention to quality.    I really wish I had taken better care of all of my Disney records.  Not because they would be worth a lot,  but because I could totally see myself someday with a record player just spending an afternoon listening to all of those stories again and reading along in the enclosed booklets  (wearing my reading glasses now, of course!)

Vintage record collection- Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass !! Going Places !!

IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2122record back

How funny… up until I took and uploaded these pictures I always thought it was Herb AlBert. 🙂   I was a very eclectic kid growing up.. aka my parents’ record collection became my own.   As you’ll continue to see I used to listen to a variety of different records.   It didn’t make any difference to me,  it was music and I had it there right in front of me.

Vintage record collection

Just unearthed a box of my old records from growing up.   I have no idea what I am going to do with them so I figured i’d take a picture of each before I discard them.   I have lots and lots of hours of fond memories sitting indian style on the floor in front of my record player playing each of these records over and over and over again.   Records were THE thing back in the day.   I would go to GEMCO with my mother with my allowance and while she shopped for groceries I would loiter in the record album area and buy the latest Disney read along record/book that had come out.    Then I would hide in those circular garment racks and look at my new purchase eagerly awaiting to go home so I could play it for the first time.

This first one I chose to photograph and share  wasn’t one I bought from GEMCO, but rather it was a door to door salesman that was selling them.   What a coincidence too,  since I was currently going to a private Lutheran school and every year this would be the annual play for us kids to do.   I loved the play,  I loved the songs,  I loved that record.  I think even now 38 years later I could probably recite each word from the play and sing each song as well.    This play/musical made a huge impact on my little life back in the 70’s.. I loved the land of Agape!   You could play this record and turn page to page following all of the songs as they played.  Back then private school was fun.   It didn’t start to really suck until later on when all of the ‘cliques’ amongst the kids started to form.   That was when I developed a skill of looking down at my feet and sitting off away from the other kids as much as I could.  But.. that’s another story for another time.  Back to Agapeland!

Album Cover Music Machine   Music Machine page 1

Music Machine page 2   IMG_2081

Music Machine page 4    IMG_2081

Music Machine page 5   Music Machine page 6

Music Machine page 7    Music Machine page 8

Music Machine record side 1    Music Machine record side 1 real

Music Machine back cover

Thanks for checking this out!  🙂