Cabin Fever

Now that we are back living in Germany I had made a vow to myself.    The last time we were here we lived way out in the middle of nowhere in a village where we were the only Americans.   I had wanted the FULL experience and boy did I get it!   The downfall of that was we never really went anywhere… in our free time after working as much as we did along with the long drive to even go to the store it was too much work.   So,  we became the odd ‘anti social’ Americans in the neighborhood where we lived.   The two little girls that lived next door loved to take our dogs out to play and even they noticed we preferred to be homebodies on the weekends.  They even made a sign for us to put on our front door that said “Do not disturb-  We are sleeping”   when we didn’t want them to come by.  Looking back, it was pretty sad.  We were in EUROPE after all!   Even a walk through a neighboring village or town is an adventure out here.   So I decided I was not going to fall into that rut again.   Mike’s a little harder to get motivated  to do things so I hope he will partake when I plan things.  I do want to look back on this tour with no regrets of missing anything.    This blog would be a great way to track that too..  


I like that idea!