Wow… how’s this for the most vague update ever?    if you had told me a year ago that I would be sitting where I am right now I would laugh myself silly.   Yet here I am.. looking out the window of my hotel room in the area which will be our home for the next 3-5 years..




Of all the (dare I say?) hair brained schemes that my husband has had this one has got to be the biggest one yet.    When we returned from our second tour in Germany I swore we would never move back to Europe again.  Not only because it’s a huge deal to uproot our lives and re settle but also because the last overseas trip we had took its toll on my husband in a bad way.

He would go through these phases where he would skim usajobs for any possible jobs, promotions, etc.     Something about a day at work with drama would eat at him and he would virtually peer over the employment possibility fence to search for greener lawns.   I became used to getting emails from him like “Hey there’s a job opening in Salt Lake City!”  or “How about Georgia?”   etc etc.    I used to stress myself to pieces when he would get into these moods,   but it wasn’t until he sent me a “Kuwait?  What do you think?”   when I had a giant meltdown and learned that I needed to not take these moods so seriously.

Joke’s on me though…     when he sent me a “How about Japan?”   I chuckled and even shared the email with my co worker.   My friend cringed.    Since we both work at a veterinary clinic with primarily military clients we know the process of taking pets over to rabies free places like Japan, Korea and Hawaii.    Japan is one of the hardest that I’ve learned so far.. just the thought of putting all 4 of my anipals through the rabies FAVN process made my eye twitch and my bank account scream.    But nah.. it’ll never happen.


Konnichiwa from Japan!   It happened and after quite a bit of crap that will be featured in a future entry,  we made it here and are settling in.  Lately I’ve been clearing my head quite a bit and am getting back into the flow of wanting to write again.  It’s been a long road of emotions and personal battles, to put it mildly.     Currently I am on a jenky laptop that hurts my wrists when I type on it for any length of time.   I long to have a REAL computer again with a keyboard that I can comfortably set in a way to type instead of trying to on this shared laptop.   I hope to have my very own PC in the very very near future.   When I do,   get ready for some reading!    I wonder if anyone has ever started up a gofundme to purchase a ‘sanity PC’?  lol… tempting…


Until then I am going to sign off and hopefully writing again on a daily basis will once again become a reality.