Since I belong to Influenster,  I get the occasional opportunity to try out products for free in exchange for my opinion.  Recently I was sent the SUNSHINE voxbox which had goodies from snacks to hair care products to nail polish.  One of the things I was sent was a bottle of infusium23 hair smoother.    Back in the day I used to buy a particular Infusium product (I think it was the leave in treatment) to help my way way overcolored hair. (I used to bleach my hair the color of clear… )  it was the consistency of water and only really had a smell to it to let you know it was anything but.   Honestly, I wasn’t impressed at all.    So here’s this new product staring me in the face when I opened my sunshine voxbox.  A hair smoother/defrizzer with avocado and olive oil.     Just the ingredients mentioned on the bottle alone makes it sound like it’s a thick and greasy product.  Bleh.     Still… I tried it.

This is normally how my hair is living in Missouri.   The water is hard and the weather is humid.  Unless I spend a lot of time on my hair applying product and use my straightener I leave my house looking like a  poodle.

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It’s miserable since my hair used to be easily manageable .  😦    One morning after wetting my hair down for my morning ritual I applied a small amount of the Infusium23 to my hair.    It smelled nice, unlike the watery stuff that I once used by the same company.     I ran my fingers through my hair evenly distributing the cream up and down my hair until it was well blended.   My hands didn’t feel greasy from it which was nice and a bit surprising.    Afterwards I followed up with a little bit of straightening just to make sure it would hold for the whole day.    Even before I used my straightener though,  my hair looked a lot less poufed  and may have been good just leaving the house that way.

Well, I’m proud to report that Infusium redeemed themselves to me by offering me to try this product.  They have definitely upped their game when it comes to keeping hair controlled and frizz free.    Now I can go to work not feeling like a poodle!  😀

Would I consider buying this product again someday?  That is very likely!   I like how easy it is to use and you don’t have to use gobs and gobs of it in order to work, especially with semi thick hair.  I’m all about simple rituals before leaving the house for work first thing in the morning… and this was a very simple ritual that only took me a few minutes.


Danke,  Influenster!  and  Infusium23!   You’ve redeemed yourself in my eyes!  🙂