A ‘man’ thing?

So.. my husband suffers from a rare ailment.   At least, I THINK it’s rare as I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere else.


He’s absolutely UNABLE to unpack a suitcase.  Allergic?  Phobia?  No idea what to call it.



Stupid as that may sound it DOES pile up frustration over the years and I’ve had it.    Right now there is a suitcase 1/4 unpacked laying in our dining room.   It’s been there for at least a month and will continue to lay there until I unpack it, move it,  or set fire to it.. whichever mood strikes me.   


I don’t understand it.  I mean, yeah,.. it’s a minor thing to get annoyed over but he NEVER does it.  And we’ve been together for years.   In the beginning when he would go on business trips or on trips with me I would take pride in packing his suitcase for him.    Making sure he had everything he needed right down to the amount of socks.   Nowadays though I dread it,  because I know I will have to unpack it when we get back.  Just something that’s expected  (I hate thinking that too!)   There’s never effort to try on his part.. none.    Why?  why?   So, what I’m curious about is this a ‘guy’ thing?     Do other people have this issue and if so is it just tolerated quietly?

In a few days we are leaving on a trip and I am working to get things packed.. usually I enjoy doing it, but not this time.   It’s more frustrating than anything.. 😦