Haven’t had a VPOTD for a while.. Ghost Town or Bust! Vintage Knott’s Berry Farm

old knott's

I am nomom bucking broncot quite sure if this particular photo op still exists within the park. The covered wagon photo is my sister sitting on the left next to who I think may be her friend Mimi.   Not totally sure who the adults are.   I do know that the bucking bronco one as shown above  is still around..  That girl ‘yeeehawww’ing in that picture is my mother.  It would be cool to get back there someday and get a picture sitting on that same horse prop.   I mean, it’s probably gone through so many refurbishments over the years but just posing for the same kind of picture would be cool having side by side.    Someday…. if time and money allows.   I’ll add that to my bucket list.

Speaking of money,  check out the reprint prices from back in the day.    Classic! 🙂

mom bucking bronco2

This brightened my day..

Have you ever seen something so breathtaking,  so beautiful and so out of the blue that your first thought is of a departed loved one?   I had that experience a few days ago.  It was early morning and I was headed into work.   It had been snowing hard the day previously and the clouds were still pretty thick in the sky.    All except one area that glowed so brightly it almost looked like a beam.   I took out my ipod and started snapping photos,  hoping that a picture would do what I was looking at justice.   I took a lot of pictures driving up the hill and I will post them all,  because all of them are different if even slightly and just as beautiful as the next.   The first thing that came to mind was my sister,  then my mom.    I had always found comfort in thinking that if there was any possible way our departed loved ones could watch over us that they would find a way.    It would be subtle,   but it would be there if you were ready or  able to notice it.    Something similar to that happened shortly after Cindi’s funeral a few years back.   She had always loved white butterflies.  In my hometown they are everywhere as it is, but that week that we were planning her service right up until we left the chapel after the gathering I saw them everywhere.    Her oldest son made the same comment too  “Mom always liked these white butterflies,  I’m seeing them everywhere I go!”   I felt that if Cindi had any way of letting us know that she was there watching over us,  she would do it in a way like this.   Something subtle, yet comforting and peaceful.      Wishful thinking?     Maybe… but isn’t that a simply wonderful  thought?     And even if that bright ray of pink light wasn’t something specifically for me that morning,  it’s still nice to think that maybe it is meant for someone else in order to brighten their day.  All I know is  it brightened my day.     I don’t know,  maybe I’m just reading too much into things,  I’ve always been a real dreamer but I’m proud of that.

IMG_0060 IMG_0061 IMG_0059 IMG_0058 IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0066

My sister

It was recently my sister’s birthday and also is coming up on another year since she has been gone come May and I still can’t believe that she’s gone.  Even today I still get a strong urge to pick up the phone and talk to her.  Talk to her about my day, about her day, about the many tv shows that we would watch together over the phone.     The day she left I lost more than just my sister,  I lost my very very best friend.    We shared a bond that only sisters could share…  she got me and I got her.   Grr,  see even now I go from missing her so much to bring furious that she is gone.   I’m still trying to figure out God’s purpose in taking her so soon.. especially when we had begun to lean on one another so much.

After I got word that she was gone,  I flew home to be with her oldest son and family.  It was him that had actually found her on the floor in her apartment that day and he had the whole responsibility of taking care of his mom’s property, remains and plan her memorial service.    She has two sons but her youngest…. that’s another story for another time.   So I went  there to help clean out her apartment.   I had never been there before.   I mean, we had talked about me coming to visit but I never did.   I regret that because I know we would have had some really fun sister time.   I had always dreamed of spending time with her the way we had always talked about on the phone.   She would always say she wished that Mike and I would move closer because she needed me  to help keep her in line.   She would say that I was the Roseanne and she was the Jackie.   She would emotionally go off the deep end over something and I would help bring her back to reality in a sisterly bedside manner that only the character of Roseanne

would do 🙂

jackie and Roseanne

That was our relationship in a nutshell,  but it always wasn’t that way.   Someday I’ll explain.

In her bedroom on the dresser sat something that my sister’s best friend told me was meant for me for Christmas.  She was with her when she bought it months before.   As soon as I saw it,  I couldn’t pick it up and clutch it to my heart fast enough.  It summed up our relationship perfectly and even though her and I never got to actually say goodbye or have any final words to one another… this is just as good if not better.     It’s forever a sign on how much I meant to her being her sister and her friend and I will treasure it always.     I just need to find a picture of the two of us worthy to go into the frame.


It was sitting on her dresser untouched as if I were meant to find it.   Did she know she was going to pass away?  Her son said that there were some documents sitting on her table that would not otherwise have been there.   Medical papers.   I have always wondered if people silently do know when their time will come,  maybe not consciously but maybe something deep in the subconscious mind.   So things are prepared without one actually knowing it.    Whether or not it was done intentionally,  it helped console me and let me know that she was always thinking of us even though I was so far away.  It was her final message to me in the form of something I can look upon every day with a smile.
I love you sissy,  and I miss you every day.