Vintage family snail mail

My grandmother kept this congratulatory letter from her brother after the birth of my mom.   It’s surreal to know that this is how people once communicated because this is all they knew.   My uncle got word of my mother’s birth through a written letter.  Not an electronic message,  television, radio or even a newspaper.    After getting the news my uncle sat down, put quill to paper and wrote his sister a letter of congratulations.

letter page 1letter page 2

It reads:

“Dear Lillian and all,   December 16, 1931

Congratulations, your card was forwarded to me by Emma (?)
So it is a girl, and you gave her a name i always liked
How I would like to meet her and i would like to send her a present worth while but will have to wait until I am doing something. but she will have something coming so you can tell her that for now.
I am glad you are all right for i must admit I was worried.
The cards you sent out are the best I ever saw (can’t read the following 4 words)
I wrote Bill yesterday suppose he has my letter by now.
Sorry I can’t send you some money to help you out but may be able to send some later.
Write when you are able and tell me all the news.
Wm Loftus”

Sweet memories 🙂

Haven’t had a VPOTD for a while.. Ghost Town or Bust! Vintage Knott’s Berry Farm

old knott's

I am nomom bucking broncot quite sure if this particular photo op still exists within the park. The covered wagon photo is my sister sitting on the left next to who I think may be her friend Mimi.   Not totally sure who the adults are.   I do know that the bucking bronco one as shown above  is still around..  That girl ‘yeeehawww’ing in that picture is my mother.  It would be cool to get back there someday and get a picture sitting on that same horse prop.   I mean, it’s probably gone through so many refurbishments over the years but just posing for the same kind of picture would be cool having side by side.    Someday…. if time and money allows.   I’ll add that to my bucket list.

Speaking of money,  check out the reprint prices from back in the day.    Classic! 🙂

mom bucking bronco2

VPOTD 20 January 2015

Lion Country Safari.    Long since extinct from Southern California but it stood proudly in Irvine for 14 years before it finally closed to make way for a water park.  I was soooo young back then but I do remember vaguely sitting in a hot car riding with my parents as they tried to point out lions and tigers in the distance.  I never remembered the animals being like the ones in the brochure.   They were always sleeping soundly underneath shade somewhere in the distance.   Maybe that’s why they eventually shut down,  too many people getting out of their cars in search of their photo op with the Bengal tiger or elephant with baby.    Wouldn’t surprise me at all!

So, the history about this picture is that is my mom and sister.    My mom’s hair was pretty wild back then but from what I remember that was the in style.  If you watch any of those vintage ‘Match Game’ episodes on GSN from the mid to late 70’s just about every woman that comes on there has a high hairdo.  I know mom Aqua Netted her hair practically to death.    I never related that smell as hair spray,  it was more ‘mom smells’ since she used it so much.   On this day my dad and I had taken a separate jeep in front of them and we were waiting for my mom and sister to catch up.   As soon as they came out of the tunnel behind them mom threw up her pointing finger as if to say “oh no you AREN’T taking my picture!”    *click*   Dad went rogue and snapped a picture anyway.. hence this funny moment 🙂    Mom was always pretty hyper critical of my dad.   She loved to pick at him when people were around as sort of an attention seeking joke.   I didn’t realize it was wrong or that it really affected me until I caught myself doing it to my husband.   I can proudly say that once I figured that out I never did it again,   kids are sponges.. they soak in anything they see.     But back on topic.. this picture was taken at Lion Country Safari sometime in the 70’s and much to my mother’s dismay judging by the look on her face.   hah.. poor mom 🙂  at least my sister is smiling.


Bonus VPOTD and a thank you from the bottom of my heart

Wow! I keep getting email notifications that so many people are liking my entries on here.   You have no idea how much that means to me.  I appreciate those who stop by to see what I have to share from my life, family, and experiences

and I still have so much more as soon as I’m able to sort it out in my mind.

Years ago I had a livejournal that I wrote daily in.   I had so much fun doing it.   Writing is good therapy I have come to discover so… thank you all for being a part of my own little corner of wordpress.

Aww!  Look at the cute baby with the alfalfa point on the top of her head!   That’s my half sister in all her cuteness.  Taken mid 1958  I don’t think this picture could be any cuter if it tried.   I love these simple older pictures.  No backdrops,  no fluff,  no props.  Just a baby with a happy expression.    Some people make their family photos too complicated these days.   Give me one like this any day!

baby sis picCoochie coochie coochie coo!

Thank you all again for stopping by!

VPOTD (11 January 2015)


I have several scrapbooks containing old greeting cards such as this one above.  In her much younger years my mom saved every card and every note.   Her scrapbooks are beautifully done!   you could tell she preserved these memories very carefully because they meant the world to her.   I’d love to share these as well along with my pictures, since it’s fascinating to see what used to be given as a greeting card.   How would it be taken if you were given a card that contained the words ‘hot and bothered’ by your brother today?    I love how the cards are illustrated,  much more personal than the sarcastic cards that are made today.

VPOTD 8 January 2015

I know this is just a picture of a car.   But it’s a picture that someone felt was important enough to take and then keep in safe keeping for all these years.  This was someone’s pride and joy back then..    odd they didn’t pose in front of the picture with the car but that’s probably because timers didn’t exist on cameras back then.

Ugh,  this week is almost over!   Will have more time and energy to write more very soon!

old car

(Way, way overdue) VPOTD

The past 2 nights have been a blur.   Soon after getting home from work I have involved myself in some sort of random house cleaning/organizing project that ends up lasting until bedtime.    (Squirrel!!)    I really have missed writing here…      Anyways,  back on track…   This picture is so old it’s almost snapped right in half.   The odd thing about it is that it appears to be a photo of someone but on a postcard backing.  In my grandmother’s handwriting it says “Aunt Lillie Hannon Holken”.  Her namesake maybe?    Imagine getting dressed up this fancy just to sit for a picture.  Most likely this wasn’t a particular special occasion on her part.   Women dressed so elegantly all the time and   spent as much time as needed on themselves to make sure they looked perfect before going about their day.   Where were all the sweat pants and oversized shirts back then?    I can’t even imagine the looks on the faces of the women of yesterday if they saw how we dress today.     Comfy definitely wasn’t “IN”, huh?


VPOTD- 5 January 2014 “Back in MY day….”

This baby is getting a bath the old school 1970’s way!   No little special slightly elevated plastic baby baths for this kid!   Nope, just a sink full of bubbily water and blue washcloth was all that was needed back then.   🙂
Ok, I have to admit that’s a baby picture of me.     I found it, thought it was cute and figured I’d share.   It’s back to work tomorrow for me so I’ll try to keep up on the pictures and blogs while I catch up on being off work for over a week.   eek!      Have a nice week everyone!

baby sink

VPOTD- 3 January 2015

Whew.. this post almost didn’t happen as I’ve been hit with some sort of flu plague.   All I’ve wanted to do all day is lay down, shut my eyes and occasionally get up and vomit.   Not very convenient since I go back to work Monday….   why couldn’t this have happened last week when I had it off?    I’m running low on scanned vintage pictures too.. I have boxes and boxes of them AND a scanner downstairs but my husband hasn’t been very helpful in fulfilling his promise in showing me how to use it.    Normally I would go down and try to figure it out myself but he has it wired all weird.   It’s frustrating as hell and I want to scream but where would that get me?    yeah.. exactly…   anyways…

This picture is interesting in a few ways.   Although there’s no date anywhere I am going to say this picture was taken around 1950.   How do I know that?   Because Dodie is my mom and she graduated in 1950.   The girl standing next to her is my step mom.    Yep, you read that right.   In high school my father dated her, they broke up at some point then he married his first wife (not my mother),   divorced again, married my mom,  divorced, then married Donna.     He remained married to Donna until he passed away in 2000.   Now, I knew that mom and her were friends in high school but seeing a picture of them standing together was still really wild to see.   The divorce between my mom and dad was an ugly one,  and of course being a young teen I had issues with the woman that I felt stole my dad.    I’ll probably go into all of that at a later time.   Let’s just say for now that Donna and I have mended fences and I hold no ill will towards her.  Everyone deserves to be happy and if it meant my dad reconnecting with his high school girlfriend to find it,  then who am I to judge?


A couple months ago I found Donna on facebook and sent a friend request.   I had always wondered how she was doing after all these years so imagine my surprise when she sent me a message.  We’ve been in contact ever since and it’s been nice talking with her and asking questions about my dad that I never got a chance to ask.    There was a lot of things I wish I would have asked and said to both my parents,  I’m thankful I can have this opportunity while it lasts. ..