I went to the live taping of @midnight. This is my experience…

This has been several months in the draft stage due to me not having a computer to finish it on until recently.   It’s nice to have something to type on that doesn’t require glasses in order to see.  But anyways,  for my 46th birthday I wanted to visit my family in California.  I’ve been away too damn long and really needed a dose of vitamin ‘C'(alifornia). My wonderful husband made the arrangements and opted to stay home so I could have some much needed family time with my nephew and his wife and 4 littles .  In preparing for my visit I decided to browse around the internet for ideas of things that my nephew and I could do together.  We both are huge Chris Hardwick fans, so I did some research and found out that 1iota (www.1iota.com) offers audience tickets for many live tapings of shows such as @midnight….

by signing up for their website and submitting a request form giving a brief explanation on why you feel you should be selected as a part of their studio audience (I am assuming that originality in this portion of the request form may better your chances in it standing out from the other requests.   I totally played the birthday card on mine!).  I was given the option of requesting 1 or 2 tickets.  If you want to bring a guest, the site requires that you enter the name and email address of the person that is going with you.   After I submitted my request form I received a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of my request.  After that, it’s a waiting game…..you can check the status of your requested tickets in your 1iota account.  Mine were showing as ‘waitlist’.
A week or so later I receive an email informing me that my tickets request status had been moved from waitlist to ‘priority’!   Priority!  That sounded important!    Yay!   On the website you can once again confirm that you do want to go to the show and in the email there is a link where you can print out your ticket. I printed mine out and kept it safely in a plastic page protector.  

Wait…. does that ticket say ‘LIVE’?  Yep it does!   Because the show was on election night they decided to do a special taping.  Since @midnight covers topics happening in the world and current news, it only made sense that they would make election night (aka The Demo-pacalypse) the granddaddy of all shows extra special!

Of course, with any studio audience admission, there are rules that needed to be followed.

Upscale casual meant finding something cute to wear.  Since losing 60+ lbs clothes shopping has become fun again rather than a painful, embarrassing chore.  I had already decided for my birthday that I was going to wear a tiara all day! So i found a cocktail dress that matched my birthday princess tiara and at the last minute decided to also put on something i had acquired from Disneyland the day before…..   why not, right?!

The other instructions on the e ticket are pretty self explanatory.  No cameras, cellphones, food, drink allowed in the studio.  Understandable but I was bummed that I couldn’t at least get one photo sitting in the studio audience or…. even a selfie with Chris himself.  My nephew and i obeyed the rules though, (begrudgingly!)  and left our phones in the car.

Brian and I had originally planned to arrive a few hours early since we had no idea what to expect, and heading to Hollywood on the night of the election was a guaranteed shitshow, however our GPS directed us right to the studio down a series of residential streets. The next thing we knew we saw a couple members of the 1iota team waving us in. We got there just in time to get a parking space right in front!   Check in was a breeze and the staff at 1iota couldn’t have been nicer. They checked our tickets, ids, and asked if we had any cameras/cellphones.  (Again we were reminded to leave them in the car since photos and video were prohibited inside. 😢 *sniffle* no selfies with Chris and the guests…oh well, maybe some other time).

After we checked in we were directed to sit and wait on some benches located outside of the studio door.  We had gotten there early enough where we were at the end of the first of three long benches (think sports bleachers minus the height)   We met and spoke to a few people who had been guests of the audience before. One lady said she had just found out that afternoon that tickets were available so she cleared her schedule so she could attend (if I lived close by you’d better believe I would do the same thing!)   The 1iota crew were all so nice taking the time to stop and chat with several of the audience hopefuls as we waited to get an update on when we would be lead into the studio.

About a half hour before showtime we were finally filed in, grade school style in the order of how everyone had been sitting on the benches. Just outside the door of the studio was a taco truck with the name TREJO’S TACOS brandished on the side.  Brian and I were dying to grab a taco on the way out, but sadly they had closed by the time the show was over. *sniffle*

We were seated in the second row right in front of the stage!!! One of the lovely iota employees made a comment to ‘let the Birthday princess sit right near the front’ which made my night all that more special.  Yay!   The stage was done up with the election night theme (Murica!), and while everyone was being seated the Daily Show with Trevor Noah was showing on the tv on the stage.  Trevor was sitting at his desk with a bottle of pepto bismol next to him and recapping live election updates.   Since none of us had access to the inter webs and social media, we didn’t have any idea which way the presidential election was going.  The update was met with a mixed gasp and groan from the @ midnight audience.

Pretty soon the warm up comedian came out and started discussing what we were to expect when we went ‘live’.   This was a new venture for @midnight, so tensions were extremely high. He told us that usually the show was filmed in a series of retakes over the span of a couple of hours at most, but on this night everything would be done with mistakes and all in 30 minutes. Thirty minutes!  We were also told to not get up from our seats once the show started.  Some of the cameras passed right over your head and I would imagine could easily clock you senseless if one were to stand up quickly. Also, we were told to laugh more than clap. Applause would drown out the comedians as they played the game and cause the show to lag.

The warm up comedian was great!  Interacting with the audience and getting everyone involved and pumped for the show.  He asked me why I was wearing my tiara in which I simply answered “it’s my birthday!”  And when he asked me who gave me the tiara I said “I did!”  Doh!  Seemed a bit egotistical now that I look back on it.

Out walks Chris looking totes adorbs 😊 (fan girl reference, sorry!) albeit a bit stressed.  Everyone was emphasizing how intense this night was being the first time it was being shown live.  Anything could happen, so everyone was super focused.  Chris, with ear piece in place was listening in to the countdown of when the show would go live (as well as an update on the election)
One by one the guest comedians were introduced and walked out on the stage.

Paul F Tompkins! (A fixture on @midnight and I’ve totally been a fan since Mr Show!)

Whitney Cummings! (Comedy Central roast fame, not to mention the reason behind one of my favorite shows 2 broke girls (and Netflix’s Ridiculous Six)

RON FUNCHES!!! Need I say more?
Pretty kick ass lineup!
There’s me!  you can see the back of my head with the egotistical birthday tiara slightly sparkling in the lights…

The whole show went without a hitch, and for the most part us the audience remained well behaved during the live taping.   There was a guy behind us that exclaimed loudly when there was a mention by the comedians that weed was now legal in the state of California.  He let out a ‘WOOOOOOOOOO!” which people snickered at, but at one of the commercial breaks my nephew overheard one of the producers telling the guy to not do that again.   (Of course I’m sure he felt it was worth it since it warranted a response from Funches.)  Also in between breaks the makeup staff would rush out and freshen up host and guests, and Chris would check his laptop, phone and listen into his earpiece all at once.  He did come out once on break and personally thank the audience for being so great on what was a very tense night for everyone involved with the show.

Oh and there was a surprise appearance from Doug Benson… because… marijuana and tacos.
At the end of the show everyone filed our, we got into our car and headed home.  Overall we had a fantastic time and I had one of the best birthdays ever!  The show went really fast but I’m so happy that we were able to attend the first live taping  which happened to be ON my bday and had an amazing panel of guests.   It really made me miss living in California.  Maybe someday.  Maybe after Japan….
One more thing, at the very end of the show Chris went down into the audience and across each row ‘high fiving’ each of us.  When he got to the person sitting to the other side of my nephew, he somehow stumbled and landed a brief moment between Brian and me.   I may not have gotten a selfie with Chris, but I did get to play a part in helping him not fall onto the floor. lol.

If you are ever in the LA area and want to see a live taping of a show, whether it be @midnight or something else,  check out http://www.1iota.com and see what they have to offer.  They are SUPER nice, and have some great opportunities to be a part of some really great events and live tapings (coughTalkingDeadcough).   Actually they aren’t just in California… just go check it out for yourself and I’d love to hear anyone else’s experiences.  Let me know!




Since I belong to Influenster,  I get the occasional opportunity to try out products for free in exchange for my opinion.  Recently I was sent the SUNSHINE voxbox which had goodies from snacks to hair care products to nail polish.  One of the things I was sent was a bottle of infusium23 hair smoother.    Back in the day I used to buy a particular Infusium product (I think it was the leave in treatment) to help my way way overcolored hair. (I used to bleach my hair the color of clear… )  it was the consistency of water and only really had a smell to it to let you know it was anything but.   Honestly, I wasn’t impressed at all.    So here’s this new product staring me in the face when I opened my sunshine voxbox.  A hair smoother/defrizzer with avocado and olive oil.     Just the ingredients mentioned on the bottle alone makes it sound like it’s a thick and greasy product.  Bleh.     Still… I tried it.

This is normally how my hair is living in Missouri.   The water is hard and the weather is humid.  Unless I spend a lot of time on my hair applying product and use my straightener I leave my house looking like a  poodle.

11951920_10153529524976745_8547689234723188355_n 11949318_10153529526986745_2328517970185507939_n

It’s miserable since my hair used to be easily manageable .  😦    One morning after wetting my hair down for my morning ritual I applied a small amount of the Infusium23 to my hair.    It smelled nice, unlike the watery stuff that I once used by the same company.     I ran my fingers through my hair evenly distributing the cream up and down my hair until it was well blended.   My hands didn’t feel greasy from it which was nice and a bit surprising.    Afterwards I followed up with a little bit of straightening just to make sure it would hold for the whole day.    Even before I used my straightener though,  my hair looked a lot less poufed  and may have been good just leaving the house that way.

Well, I’m proud to report that Infusium redeemed themselves to me by offering me to try this product.  They have definitely upped their game when it comes to keeping hair controlled and frizz free.    Now I can go to work not feeling like a poodle!  😀

Would I consider buying this product again someday?  That is very likely!   I like how easy it is to use and you don’t have to use gobs and gobs of it in order to work, especially with semi thick hair.  I’m all about simple rituals before leaving the house for work first thing in the morning… and this was a very simple ritual that only took me a few minutes.


Danke,  Influenster!  and  Infusium23!   You’ve redeemed yourself in my eyes!  🙂

First impressions and cliques- from schoolyard to senior home


Have you ever drawn up a conclusion of someone you have never met based on what others have said about them? I’m sure you have… everyone has at some point in their lives. Especially in grade school. “Ugh! That new girl is such a slut! I heard blah blah blah blah about her!” Gossip and rumors.. childish shit. Yet first impressions are always such an important thing it can really distort your view of someone whether you mean to or not.

For instance:

In the 7th grade a new girl arrived at our school. Her name was Shannon. I remember she had a mouth full of metal, wore bright red lipstick , her hair curly and pulled back in a barrette . Almost to the day that Shannon started there the rumor mill (aka the henhouse of popular girls that didn’t have anything else better to do than start up drama) started in on her. There was rumors flying everywhere as to WHY she had started at her school (she was pregnant? Runaway? She was kicked out of her old school? She had MONO?) every single possibility flowed from lips to ear of the kids in my class. Whether it was true or not, her ‘reputation’ at my school was ruined before she got to say hello to anyone. Kids whispered behind her back while she walked around with a bright smile just as friendly as she could be to everyone. Eventually she must have caught wind of what people were saying about her, but back when I was growing up there wasn’t any Jerry Springer style smack downs out on the playground,  so she held her tongue. She had a small group of friends that she hung out with (the ‘outcasts’ as dubbed by the henhouse) Now that I look back on it, Shannon didn’t last at my school for very long… I wonder what happened to her.

Once you graduate and leave school that same hen house mentality follows you out into the adult world.   In work places people tend to form cliques and that can either make or break YOUR future in that company if you don’t measure up.   I’m sure everyone has been given the run down on the employees to watch out for on a first day of a new job.  “So and so is trouble!  He/she lies!  don’t trust so and so!”   I started one job and felt so threatened by a fellow employee that I hadn’t even met yet because of my co workers who wanted to warn me about how awful they were.   Funny thing is,  after I did meet this person we became quite close friends with over time.   They weren’t as evil as everyone made them out to be… it was just that typical drama llama bullshit   Gossip,  rumors.   I’ve been on all sides of the spectrum with that. I’ve lead, followed and been ‘voted off the island’ because I just wasn’t good enough.

Through the years I’ve become more reserved around people. I used to be very outgoing and social, wanting to join in on team building events, social gatherings, etc.  Nowadays I’d rather just do my job and go home,  distancing myself from the drama.   Many mistake it for being angry or aloof when I sit quietly. I’ve lost count of the times people judge the look on my face as something bad when all I am doing is trying to stay in the background  (“Geez!  Look at your face! *horrified look*). I used to try to explain to people that’s just how I am but I’ve since given up. Those that care enough to get to know me KNOW the real me. It’s like most people would rather just rely on their own opinions of you rather than trying to get to know who you are. It’s that which is making this world a very very unhappy place.. 😦

This topic came to mind lately when someone new arrived where I work. This person has had daggers for me from day one and I have no idea why. I know gossip (especially amongst an office full of females) runs rampant everywhere and I’m sure since I have developed the title of ‘angry aloof’ that conclusions are being assumed that I’m not a nice person.   I’ve overheard everyone talking about everyone so that doesn’t surprise me..  what bothers me is it feels like I was the topic in a ‘watch out for this person’ discussion.   Part of me wanted to take this person aside in the beginning to try to find out why I’m being  treated like I have a horn growing out of the center of my forehead.    Getting all of this out of my brain and onto these pages though,  I’ve decided that it’s not worth my time.    People nowadays are going to think exactly what they want to.  You can’t please everyone in this life and so it’s more important to focus on those that DO appreciate you for who you are.

Bottom line..   to hell with them,  it’s their loss.

Vintage record collection- Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass !! Going Places !!

IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2122record back

How funny… up until I took and uploaded these pictures I always thought it was Herb AlBert. 🙂   I was a very eclectic kid growing up.. aka my parents’ record collection became my own.   As you’ll continue to see I used to listen to a variety of different records.   It didn’t make any difference to me,  it was music and I had it there right in front of me.

Vintage Record Collection- earning points with cigarettes!

My parents were avid smokers growing up.    In fact,  that’s what ultimately did my mother in.    She had lung cancer which had progressed into her brain before she was able to get to the doctor and have herself checked.  Back when my mom was growing up smoking was considered glamorous and socially acceptable.   Even on TV programs like one of my favorites “I Love Lucy”   they showed smoking nonchalantly.

lucy1   lucy%203

so to have my parents grow up the way they did was totally ‘normal’,  I guess.    Smoking was never my thing though, I mean I tried it of course  (what kid doesn’t?) back when I was in middle school,  but it made me vomit and I never did it again.

One Mother’s day I remember calling my mom to wish her a happy day and she said something I’ll obviously never forget.   She said   “You know,  I was just sitting here thinking about something that’s so interesting.  When I was pregnant with your brother and sister I didn’t smoke one time…and they smoke.   Then when I was pregnant with you I smoked the entire pregnancy and you don’t smoke.  Isn’t that funny?”

Uh… define the word ‘funny’ mom..  although maybe that is the reason why I never had the desire to take up the habit.    It also could be the reason why I fell behind so much in school,  had an awful stutter and lisp as a child and still have a hard time focusing.    But anyways,  as usual I’ve gotten way way WAY off track.

Back in the day when smoking was more socially acceptable you could collect ‘points’ on every carton of cigarette to earn prizes.   My mom could have probably purchased a car with all the points she collected (sarcasm of course but not too far off from the truth)    She would give me some of the gifts occasionally such as calendars, address books, wearing apparel.   Nicely made items but still little commercials for their products.  Mom meant well giving me these so I would never slight her for it.    She would also accumulate points for breakfast cereals and drink mixes to also get prizes in the mail so cigarettes weren’t the only thing she collected points for.     Well in the records I was going through it looks like “Lucky Strike” also had something to offer for purchasing a certain amount of their product.   Imagine,  lighting up a cigarette, kicking back and listening to these tunes on a midsummer’s night.
Cigarette album 1 IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2119 IMG_2120 IMG_2121

I don’t think you can get these types of things anymore since the tobacco companies are under constant scrutiny.  Not that that’s a bad thing at all….

Vintage Record Collection- Sesame Street Live!

Oh man.. I listened to this record so much I’m surprised the needle on my record player didn’t slice deep grooves into it.    I. LOVED. SESAME. STREET growing up!    My mom used to tell me that it was because of Sesame Street that I learned to read and write.    Old school SS was wonderful.   Mr Hooper,  Luis,  Maria, Bob, etc     I know as times change then they have had to change up their show in order to keep up with what’s interesting to kids today,  but in my opinion the original cast will always be the best!

I took several different pictures of this multi fold album to share.   Sadly with me being a dumb kid I colored on the pictures with crayons so it’s not in as good condition as I wish it would be.  It’s still not bad overall for being as old as it is.

If while you’re reading over the list of songs and one or two pops into your head that you recognize.. congratulations!   You either grew up in my era or you appreciate the old classic Sesame Street like I do 🙂   Enjoy!

ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4 ss6 ss7 ss8  ss9 ss10 ss11 ss12 ss13 ss14 ss15

Keep calm and check da girls!

Growing older means you have to endure occasional uncomfortable appointments with your doctor in order to ensure you’re healthy.   What also comes with age is feeling every ache and pain in your body and instantly resisting the urge to go to WebMD.com to try to diagnose what it could be.  Yep,  growing older and becoming a hypochondriac goes hand in hand,  sadly…   All we can do is take a good hard long look at our health and try to do the best we can.

So tomorrow I get to go to an appointment for a certain exam that women especially despise.


What is a bit concerning is when I called to make an appointment they are usually booked out for at least a month,  however when I told them my age they got me an appointment almost right away.  I know I’m in the ‘higher’ risk due to my age,  so that’s great they got me in so quick… but how can I NOT feel a little unnerved over that?   Of course now that I know I have this appointment all of those phantom aches and pains are making themselves known ten fold.   It’s been very difficult to concentrate all weekend on anything but this appointment.  Thankfully my co workers and my supervisor are very supportive so I’ll have enough time to run home,  get a shower (“show up at your appointment wearing NO scents”) and then head there for what will hopefully be an uneventful procedure.


Just gotta put out there though… I’m pretty damn scared right now,  I mean that’s normal, right?    I think I’ll stop for pie afterwards… pie always makes everything better.


I don’t feel I NEED to put this out there but I’ve been asked by a few that know me IRL if I am worried about the people that I write about in here occasionally will find out or if feelings are being hurt by what I write.   My answer is simply:  NO.    A journal is for someone’s personal feelings and opinions as well as sharing pictures and memories.   I kind of want this journal to live on long after I’m gone so what few family member I have left can, if they want look back on it and see what made me ‘tick’.    Also,  I do not feel that anything I write on my page is anything wrong.  Why should I censor my own feelings?   It’s not hate speech.    I have said on more than one occasion that writing has been good therapy for me especially since I lost the one blood relative I could spend hours and talk to about anything.  The day I lost my sister a huge piece of me died too and this journal is a way to help me cope and still get things out even though I’ve lost that person in my life.    I was in a very dark place for a LONG time after she passed and doing this has helped me get suppressed thoughts and feelings out.

With that being said,  if anything I say offends someone then I highly encourage you to click away.  I do not set out in a post to hurt someone but rather get whatever is off my chest.. OFF.      If I am going to have to live in fear on being criticized in my real life for something I am writing in my journal,  that’s not fair.    For a while recently those criticisms took the creative wind out of my sails and  I was half tempted to delete this journal but now that I’ve had time to think it over I am going to stay and keep on doing what I am doing.   Most of you, my readers I have never met and have graciously subscribed to me through one way or another.  I appreciate whatever reads and comments I get, but mostly it’s a platform for me to express whatever I am feeling.  if people want to come along with me for the ride called my life then they are more than welcome.  I try not to mention any names and only a small handful of you know me outside of wordpress.

Ok then..  with that being said,  hopefully I will be back to regular programming shortly.

My Dove 48 hour experience

Ah!  What a perfect thing for me to test this time of year!    Missouri summers can be HOT, HUMID and MISERABLE!


You get in your car and crank up the AC as high as it can go,  and you have to use your windshield wipers to clear your windows of the thick haze of moisture.


Just walking from my car into my workplace I am dripping with sweat hoping that the AC will be working (sometimes it isn’t)    So…. with that being said putting this Dove deodorant isn’t going to be easy.   I have a lot of opportunity to offend people if this doesn’t work since my job involves interacting with people all day long.

The first day I applied it right after my morning shower.    It felt weird not putting something underneath my arms that didn’t feel like it was going to last.   Usually my deodorant of choice has had that ‘spackle’ feeling  (the more you put underneath there,  the longer it will work… or maybe that was just a mental thing?)  I go into work by 7am so it’s not blistering hot yet,  but…. the building is so old that if a thunderstorm happens to knock out the thermostat then by the time you enter the building you are already dealing with a steamy uncomfortable workplace.   Add in a slew of panting patients coming in and out all day for their appointments,then by noon you have a sauna that smells of dog breath.   So,  halfway through the day I felt the sweat dripping down my back but even though I was used to having that ‘spackle’ feeling of when I would apply my usual gel deodorant my arms still smelled and felt surprisingly dry.   By the time I got home and peeled my uniform off of my body,  I didn’t smell like  I had run a 5k.  In fact the light scent of cucumber and melon still was present from the application of the deodorant that morning.   Needless to say I was impressed!
The next day started off almost the same way,  except I needed to do more errands when I got off work.  So that meant a lot more walking to my car through the humidity and into different places.    Still at the end of the day I felt fresh and not stinky.   I even picked up another stick of Dove cucumber and melon to have in my travel suitcase 🙂   Overall I was pleased with the results.    The main thing I learned from his experience is that more necessarily isn’t better… and I won’t be putting on layers of gel deodorant ever again.  I appreciate influenster for giving me opportunity to try out this Dove product so I could learn something about it.   It definitely made me switch for good!