VPOTD 8 February 2015- 40 year old handmade Valentine

We’ve all made one at least once in our kindergarten/elementary school years.   It’s sort of a right of passage as a kid.   I made this in Kindergarten and I must say it isn’t too shabby with how old it is.   I remember in school they always sent us home proudly with projects like glued on spray painted silver macaroni pictures,  shrink e dinks and lots and lots of clay figures.   My parents kept them all .. ALL.     You wouldn’t believe what I’ve found so far,  but since it’s almost Valentine’s day this will be the first one in my collection..  so here it is..

IMG_1731 IMG_1732 IMG_1733

Gotta love that super groovy giant ruled paper that kindergartners were given to write on in order to stay within the lines.