Bonus VPOTD and a thank you from the bottom of my heart

Wow! I keep getting email notifications that so many people are liking my entries on here.   You have no idea how much that means to me.  I appreciate those who stop by to see what I have to share from my life, family, and experiences

and I still have so much more as soon as I’m able to sort it out in my mind.

Years ago I had a livejournal that I wrote daily in.   I had so much fun doing it.   Writing is good therapy I have come to discover so… thank you all for being a part of my own little corner of wordpress.

Aww!  Look at the cute baby with the alfalfa point on the top of her head!   That’s my half sister in all her cuteness.  Taken mid 1958  I don’t think this picture could be any cuter if it tried.   I love these simple older pictures.  No backdrops,  no fluff,  no props.  Just a baby with a happy expression.    Some people make their family photos too complicated these days.   Give me one like this any day!

baby sis picCoochie coochie coochie coo!

Thank you all again for stopping by!

VPOTD (12 January 2015) from Grandma’s closet

IMG_1583 IMG_1587 IMG_1589 IMG_1588  This was in surprisingly good condition found in a box of my grandmother’s things.  I have no idea of all the articles of clothing that this one was chosen to be kept.   Grandma owned a lot of nice clothing.   She had an eye for fashion,  frequenting high end department stores such as Macy’s, Bullocks and Saks.   So far I haven’t found a picture of someone wearing it but how cool would that be?   There is only a minimal amount of wear to the inner  insulated quilting and the red velvet isn’t as soft as I’m sure it used to be when it was brand new but it’s definitely wearable.    I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with this, but it would be a shame to toss it out after having it kept so pristine after all these years.

Would make a very pretty Little Red Riding Hood costume… what do you think?

VPOTD (11 January 2015)


I have several scrapbooks containing old greeting cards such as this one above.  In her much younger years my mom saved every card and every note.   Her scrapbooks are beautifully done!   you could tell she preserved these memories very carefully because they meant the world to her.   I’d love to share these as well along with my pictures, since it’s fascinating to see what used to be given as a greeting card.   How would it be taken if you were given a card that contained the words ‘hot and bothered’ by your brother today?    I love how the cards are illustrated,  much more personal than the sarcastic cards that are made today.

V(sort of) POTD 11 January 2015

This picture is a great example of why pictures are taken in the first place.   To stop time at a moment that you want to look back someday on and remember.   That’s me in the red and white silly sailor looking top and horrifying bangs.   I am going to guess it was in the 1980-1983 timeframe.  Next to me is my mom and my cousin Jane.    We used to drive to Jane’s farm in Fresno.  It wasn’t that far of a trip,  but to a kid sitting in the car even for a few hours it seemed like we were traveling to another world.    Going there was my first taste of ‘country’ life. I remember climbing all over their farming equipment and once finding a tiny lone homeless kitten in their barn.   It was hotter in Fresno than it was in Los Angeles so I remember fussing to my parents about that (like they had any control of the weather)  I also remember there being a long running family joke about Jane’s husband Floyd loving ketchup so much he put it on everything.   At dinner there would always be a comment like “Where’s your giant bottle of ketchup, Floyd?”   Isn’t it odd what things you remember back when you were a kid?   Small trivial things,  but I don’t remember this picture being taken.   I wish I had.

jane and mom

We were all obviously sharing a laugh.   Mom was always the jokester in the family, she would come up with the funniest things to say at a moment’s notice  (I think I inherited that from her).    No doubt mom had just said something that made Jane and I laugh,  although I have a creepy smirk on my face.   Ugh, that hairstyle!     It’s a piece of time I’m glad that is preserved in a photo to look back on.  It is nice to see my mom laughing.   She’s been gone now 17 years in March and I like to think I still remember what her voice sounded like.   Over time though, I’m so afraid of that fading from my memory.   In this picture though the sound of her laugh comes through clearly just by looking at it.

I cherish that,   but not my choices of hair and clothing back then.

VPOTD 8 January 2015

I know this is just a picture of a car.   But it’s a picture that someone felt was important enough to take and then keep in safe keeping for all these years.  This was someone’s pride and joy back then..    odd they didn’t pose in front of the picture with the car but that’s probably because timers didn’t exist on cameras back then.

Ugh,  this week is almost over!   Will have more time and energy to write more very soon!

old car

(Way, way overdue) VPOTD

The past 2 nights have been a blur.   Soon after getting home from work I have involved myself in some sort of random house cleaning/organizing project that ends up lasting until bedtime.    (Squirrel!!)    I really have missed writing here…      Anyways,  back on track…   This picture is so old it’s almost snapped right in half.   The odd thing about it is that it appears to be a photo of someone but on a postcard backing.  In my grandmother’s handwriting it says “Aunt Lillie Hannon Holken”.  Her namesake maybe?    Imagine getting dressed up this fancy just to sit for a picture.  Most likely this wasn’t a particular special occasion on her part.   Women dressed so elegantly all the time and   spent as much time as needed on themselves to make sure they looked perfect before going about their day.   Where were all the sweat pants and oversized shirts back then?    I can’t even imagine the looks on the faces of the women of yesterday if they saw how we dress today.     Comfy definitely wasn’t “IN”, huh?


VPOTD- 3 January 2015

Whew.. this post almost didn’t happen as I’ve been hit with some sort of flu plague.   All I’ve wanted to do all day is lay down, shut my eyes and occasionally get up and vomit.   Not very convenient since I go back to work Monday….   why couldn’t this have happened last week when I had it off?    I’m running low on scanned vintage pictures too.. I have boxes and boxes of them AND a scanner downstairs but my husband hasn’t been very helpful in fulfilling his promise in showing me how to use it.    Normally I would go down and try to figure it out myself but he has it wired all weird.   It’s frustrating as hell and I want to scream but where would that get me?    yeah.. exactly…   anyways…

This picture is interesting in a few ways.   Although there’s no date anywhere I am going to say this picture was taken around 1950.   How do I know that?   Because Dodie is my mom and she graduated in 1950.   The girl standing next to her is my step mom.    Yep, you read that right.   In high school my father dated her, they broke up at some point then he married his first wife (not my mother),   divorced again, married my mom,  divorced, then married Donna.     He remained married to Donna until he passed away in 2000.   Now, I knew that mom and her were friends in high school but seeing a picture of them standing together was still really wild to see.   The divorce between my mom and dad was an ugly one,  and of course being a young teen I had issues with the woman that I felt stole my dad.    I’ll probably go into all of that at a later time.   Let’s just say for now that Donna and I have mended fences and I hold no ill will towards her.  Everyone deserves to be happy and if it meant my dad reconnecting with his high school girlfriend to find it,  then who am I to judge?


A couple months ago I found Donna on facebook and sent a friend request.   I had always wondered how she was doing after all these years so imagine my surprise when she sent me a message.  We’ve been in contact ever since and it’s been nice talking with her and asking questions about my dad that I never got a chance to ask.    There was a lot of things I wish I would have asked and said to both my parents,  I’m thankful I can have this opportunity while it lasts. ..






VPOTD- 2 January 2015 Mom McFly and Grandma

This is a picture of my mom and my grandma and I LOVE it!   It shows my mom as a bobby sox wearing teen.   I like seeing pictures of my parents when they were young.   When you are a kid you don’t see your parents as ever being young.  “You just don’t understand me!”  we would say, as if they never had the same growing up trials, tribulations and drama that we did.  Pictures like this one makes my mom more ‘real’ to me if that makes any sense.   Sadly she is gone so I can’t ask her about her life growing up,   but these pictures I can continue to admire and try to see the world as it was through her eyes.  My grandma, all dressed up  looks as serious as ever,  like I’ve said before she rarely smiled in any of her pictures.   I’m guessing grandpa was taking the picture.   Maybe a last minute thought since mom didn’t look like she was ready for a photo. (smooth that sweater out, mom!)    It’s a great picture though!


She kind of looks like Marty McFly’s mom in Back to the Future,  don’t you think?


Vintage photo- Undated with unidentified woman with car

This post won’t take very long since I don’t have any information about it.    There is nothing written on the back identifying the woman,  nor is there a date of when this was taken.     It’s a neat picture though,  as she appears to be standing proudly in front of her car  (maybe it was a new purchase?)     Whatever the reasons behind the picture it has also been kept well preserved over the years,  so it seems fitting to share it.   🙂   Somewhere I have a picture of me standing out in front of my very first car (A hand me down 1984 Honda Accord)

Undated, unidentified woman with car.

Undated, unidentified woman with car.

I was so proud of that car,  and it was all mine!     The look on this woman’s face kind of shows that same pride.    I hope that car brought her many years of happiness… whoever you are.