The many flavors of JELLY

We are competitive by nature.   Pretty much from the first day you step
foot into the social world you are in competition with everyone else. Whose
lunchbox is the coolest, who is  better in hop scotch,  who has the nicest
clothing, coolest friends,  best hair,  better parents, better car,  higher job title,
spouse, house, blah blah blah…

It never stops!  And no matter what we ALL are guilty of it.

I guess I have found myself being more observant of it lately since my
social life of where I am currently residing is pretty much nil.   I don’t
have a real big friend circle like I have had in the past.  Most of my close
friends have moved away and are scattered all over the place.  So,  I
am a fly on the wall,  a wallflower… and it’s because of that it’s
heightened my senses in other ways.   I notice more of what’s going on around
me.   I still have a hard time keeping my mouth shut though….  working on
that 🙂

The whole competition thing can be entertaining to watch from a distance,
especially if it’s directed at you in some way…  watching someone fall over
themselves trying to outdo you and hoping for a reaction.   In the beginning
when that sort of thing was done to me,  I would bristle up and get
defensive.   “How dare so and so try to think they are better than ME!”    That would make me want to outdo THEM to the point where it turned into war.   I resented that person for even daring to stick their nose into my business in order to steal my mannerisms.  “Why doesn’t she just do things her own way instead of copying mine?  PATHETIC!”    After a while I actually stood back and looked at the situation…  What I’ve come to discover is when someone is going out of their way to do that to you,  it’s actually a compliment.  I mean,  to have someone actually want to pattern a little bit of their life lead by your example is a very special feeling if you actually think about it.   I’ve done it before,  and it’s shaped the person that I am today.. It’s human nature.

So I say,  if anyone wants a little competition…. BRING IT!   🙂



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