Silk’n Flash&Go Express review

Here we go again!   This year I was really on a roll when it came to lucking out in Influenster trials.     This time they asked if I wanted to try out a hair removal system that doesn’t involve waxing, plucking or shaving.      I’ve discovered the older I get,  the more hair is appearing in places where I really wish it wasn’t.     It takes a lot longer to ‘girl myself up’ than it used to… and if I don’t keep up on the regimen I fear I’ll end up like this:


Same with my upper lip.  It’s not a thick growth of hair but even the scattering of dark hairs in that area is still enough to cause unwanted attention from other people.    It’s just…. gross!    So as I was saying when I was asked if I wanted to try this product out for free in exchange for my opinion  I couldn’t say YES quickly enough.


The day it arrived I was going to do an unboxing video but my computer was having issues.   It wouldn’t upload a long video without overheating… so I figured I would do one AFTER the fact…. still didn’t work.


The problem I was having is it was hard to film actual progress in using this product.   That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though…  see,  the way this works is the changes DO show itself over a duration of a few treatments, but if you aren’t treating a particularly hairy area it doesn’t really give you the same affect rather than just telling you about it.



The areas I chose to treat were my upper lip,  my armpits and my embarrassing, hairy Hobbit toes.



to prepare the areas for treatment they recommend that they are washed, shaved and patted dry.    Shaving my upper lip… ugh!     That wasn’t very easy to do considering I knew how it would turn out if the Silk’n Flash&go didn’t do what it was supposed to do!  I would have thick, manly stubble grow in where the hair was and I would be in a worse state.    It took a LOT of nerve to shave my face,  but I finally opted to do it…. after all, if this device did work,  I wouldn’t have this problem for much longer.    I shaved my lip, my pits, my Hobbit toes, patted the skin dry  and prepared for the first treatment.

The instructions said to treat weekly and that sometimes it could take up to 4 treatments to see results,  but I started noticing the hair ‘thinning’ on the third week.    It was subtle,  but definitely noticeable for me since I have to deal with those areas on a daily basis.   Within a month I could look down at my feet and not think about going to Mount Doom and dropping a ring in the lake of fire.

The only effects I felt were the slight heat sensation during treatment,  it didn’t irritate my skin at all and was a lot easier than I thought it would be.   the only drawbacks are if the person desiring treatment is a frequent tanner, has tattoos on the areas they want to treat or has a darker complexion that the unit would not be able to pulsate into.   (thankfully though there is an indicater that checks skin tone before use so it’s basically fool proof!)

Interested in trying it out?  I recommend giving it a go,  since I now have less hair to deal with and only because of a few easy treatments that literally takes minutes to complete.


Thank you Influenster!








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