Glen is alive… and I have

Blogging abilities again!    My laptop has been in the shop getting fixed for almost a month and I was on a tiny Ipod touch for all my leisure internet necessities.  Now when I say “tiny” I am speaking as a lady of 45 years old whose eyesight has begun to worsen.  I have had to wear ‘granny glasses’ in order to see anything on that ipod screen.   So, after a thorough cleaning of all the dust bunnies, dirt and grime from the system and installing a new keyboard here I am again!

One of the things I missed not having this computer was blogging.  Initially I thought “Cool!  Not having a computer will give the opportunity to do things I used to do before the internet!”   that didn’t work out very well… it’s sad but just about everyone relies on this thing for communicating/news/games and other things.     I really tried to make it computer free but now that it’s back in my lap running normally I am relieved.

I even tried to avoid getting a cellphone.   Really, I did!   cellphones are everything nowadays and honestly after my sister passed away I lost that main person that I used to talk to the most.   Just having her handy a few texts away made me happy…   we had grown closer over the years and we talked about everything.    But anyways, after she left this world I had no reason to get a phone.  I mean, why ?      I was perfectly fine not having a phone so I could still have a partial grasp in the real world….  until I gave into peer pressure.

Let me explain,  where I work (well, I’m sure where everyone works in some form) there is a phone roster that compiles everyone along with their contact numbers.    I would give my landline number and the next question would be “and your cellphone is…?”

“I don’t have one…”

*collective gasp*  “You don’t have one??  what the hell is wrong with you??”

Pretty soon I sort of became the office joke.   the one person ‘in this world’ without a cellphone.   So one day I went down to Walmart and asked one of their associates to help me pick out a simple prepaid phone.  One with internet, texting and that’s about it .   I took my new Android home and joined the ‘new generation’.   To some though, it still wasn’t good enough.  One of my co workers absolutely dances out of her skin when the next newest IPhone is released.    For now I’m happy with what I have,  even though if I didn’t HAVE to have it I would be happy too…

I am happy to have this computer back..  I have a LOT of blogging to catch up on including a review for something I was chosen by Influenster to test out.   This long weekend will give me the opportunity to do that..




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