Sigh of relief!

Now that everything is said and done I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and share… Recently I had an abnormal mammogram that was concerning to my doctors so I was referred to a hospital setting for more in depth testing. So, this morning I had a hot date with one of the PCRMC state of the art ‘squishing’ machines. In one of their hospital plush pink robes I was kneaded like a ball of pizza dough. “Stand here, lean in this way, hold your breath, etc etc etc” ( On the big screens on the wall I definitely saw the areas that they were trying to get a closer look at! ) but thankfully after one of their specialists was able to take a look at the new views they determined that there isn’t anything to be concerned about for now. To say it’s been a hellish couple of weeks has been an understatement but thankfully this has a happy ending. So thankful this has a positive ending for now, and also so thankful that I have friends who are supportive and put up with my rollercoaster o’ emotions during this whole ordeal. (and a man who isn’t ashamed to sit in the ‘Breast Center” waiting room while I had all of this testing done. In the back testing area between scans I met an older lady who told me about the ‘fella’ who was sitting by himself in the waiting room. I got to say “That’s my husband!” She replied with “aww, how sweet of him!” 

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