Keep calm and check da girls!

Growing older means you have to endure occasional uncomfortable appointments with your doctor in order to ensure you’re healthy.   What also comes with age is feeling every ache and pain in your body and instantly resisting the urge to go to to try to diagnose what it could be.  Yep,  growing older and becoming a hypochondriac goes hand in hand,  sadly…   All we can do is take a good hard long look at our health and try to do the best we can.

So tomorrow I get to go to an appointment for a certain exam that women especially despise.


What is a bit concerning is when I called to make an appointment they are usually booked out for at least a month,  however when I told them my age they got me an appointment almost right away.  I know I’m in the ‘higher’ risk due to my age,  so that’s great they got me in so quick… but how can I NOT feel a little unnerved over that?   Of course now that I know I have this appointment all of those phantom aches and pains are making themselves known ten fold.   It’s been very difficult to concentrate all weekend on anything but this appointment.  Thankfully my co workers and my supervisor are very supportive so I’ll have enough time to run home,  get a shower (“show up at your appointment wearing NO scents”) and then head there for what will hopefully be an uneventful procedure.


Just gotta put out there though… I’m pretty damn scared right now,  I mean that’s normal, right?    I think I’ll stop for pie afterwards… pie always makes everything better.

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