I don’t feel I NEED to put this out there but I’ve been asked by a few that know me IRL if I am worried about the people that I write about in here occasionally will find out or if feelings are being hurt by what I write.   My answer is simply:  NO.    A journal is for someone’s personal feelings and opinions as well as sharing pictures and memories.   I kind of want this journal to live on long after I’m gone so what few family member I have left can, if they want look back on it and see what made me ‘tick’.    Also,  I do not feel that anything I write on my page is anything wrong.  Why should I censor my own feelings?   It’s not hate speech.    I have said on more than one occasion that writing has been good therapy for me especially since I lost the one blood relative I could spend hours and talk to about anything.  The day I lost my sister a huge piece of me died too and this journal is a way to help me cope and still get things out even though I’ve lost that person in my life.    I was in a very dark place for a LONG time after she passed and doing this has helped me get suppressed thoughts and feelings out.

With that being said,  if anything I say offends someone then I highly encourage you to click away.  I do not set out in a post to hurt someone but rather get whatever is off my chest.. OFF.      If I am going to have to live in fear on being criticized in my real life for something I am writing in my journal,  that’s not fair.    For a while recently those criticisms took the creative wind out of my sails and  I was half tempted to delete this journal but now that I’ve had time to think it over I am going to stay and keep on doing what I am doing.   Most of you, my readers I have never met and have graciously subscribed to me through one way or another.  I appreciate whatever reads and comments I get, but mostly it’s a platform for me to express whatever I am feeling.  if people want to come along with me for the ride called my life then they are more than welcome.  I try not to mention any names and only a small handful of you know me outside of wordpress.

Ok then..  with that being said,  hopefully I will be back to regular programming shortly.

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