My Dove 48 hour experience

Ah!  What a perfect thing for me to test this time of year!    Missouri summers can be HOT, HUMID and MISERABLE!


You get in your car and crank up the AC as high as it can go,  and you have to use your windshield wipers to clear your windows of the thick haze of moisture.


Just walking from my car into my workplace I am dripping with sweat hoping that the AC will be working (sometimes it isn’t)    So…. with that being said putting this Dove deodorant isn’t going to be easy.   I have a lot of opportunity to offend people if this doesn’t work since my job involves interacting with people all day long.

The first day I applied it right after my morning shower.    It felt weird not putting something underneath my arms that didn’t feel like it was going to last.   Usually my deodorant of choice has had that ‘spackle’ feeling  (the more you put underneath there,  the longer it will work… or maybe that was just a mental thing?)  I go into work by 7am so it’s not blistering hot yet,  but…. the building is so old that if a thunderstorm happens to knock out the thermostat then by the time you enter the building you are already dealing with a steamy uncomfortable workplace.   Add in a slew of panting patients coming in and out all day for their appointments,then by noon you have a sauna that smells of dog breath.   So,  halfway through the day I felt the sweat dripping down my back but even though I was used to having that ‘spackle’ feeling of when I would apply my usual gel deodorant my arms still smelled and felt surprisingly dry.   By the time I got home and peeled my uniform off of my body,  I didn’t smell like  I had run a 5k.  In fact the light scent of cucumber and melon still was present from the application of the deodorant that morning.   Needless to say I was impressed!
The next day started off almost the same way,  except I needed to do more errands when I got off work.  So that meant a lot more walking to my car through the humidity and into different places.    Still at the end of the day I felt fresh and not stinky.   I even picked up another stick of Dove cucumber and melon to have in my travel suitcase 🙂   Overall I was pleased with the results.    The main thing I learned from his experience is that more necessarily isn’t better… and I won’t be putting on layers of gel deodorant ever again.  I appreciate influenster for giving me opportunity to try out this Dove product so I could learn something about it.   It definitely made me switch for good!

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