Passive aggressive bulls***

Pretty much sucks that now that I am inspired to write in this again it’s a rant,  but then again if I don’t get it out here I may never get it out.
Communication is important… no,  it’s ESSENTIAL for a relationship to work.     If you don’t talk then people don’t know  what ‘s going on with you, whether it be good or bad.   With that  being said,  nothing frustrates me more when I am trying to discuss something with someone and I get shut down by a ‘yeah yeah, I know I suck’ response.     This is what just happened:

Me , with an armload of laundry steps blindly into the walk into the walk-in closet.    Something sharp stabs into my instep and that tendon spot above my heel.    Ouch.      On the floor are a pile of metal wire hangers from the dry cleaners.    Out of a pain reaction I limp into the bedroom and mention the hangers on the floor.   All I get as a response is no eye contact,  no acknowledgement.. just a  “Yeah,  I did it again….”

Really??    GRRRRRRRR!  WHY. DO. YOU. DO. THAT???  I take that as a ‘f you,  just leave me alone, you aren’t worth talking to” when that is said to me.   A verbal slap in the face.    It stings and pisses me off sooo very much.

Usually when something like this happens this means the mood in our household will be tense for a while.  No doubt something is on his mind and/or bothering him but heck if I know what it is.   I used to probe and try to find out what the problem is, but lately it creates more trouble than it’s worth so I just stay quiet and keep to myself.    I miss picking up the phone to talk to my sister.   She was always a phone call away when I needed her.   I sure hope there was a dang good reason why God felt the need to call her home so soon,  because she wasn’t finished here on earth in my opinion.   She had many more years of enjoyment with her grandkids,  AND her new granddaughter Maddy.   She missed out on a possible trip to Europe and could have mended fences with our brother which is something I know she wanted more than anything.  I miss her every day still…I wish I could still hear her voice anytime I wanted to.

Oh well…   I guess I’ll just go to sleep.   No need staying up any longer to try to figure this shit out.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.    I guess I’ll find out if I open my mouth and not get shut down for it.


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