On a positive note…

Ok.. going to share a picture to lighten the mood a bit before heading to bed.    Despite tonight’s ridiculous passive aggressive drama fit,  there were some great things that’s happened within the past few weeks.   I got to see one of my bestest friends the first week of May.   We made plans to attend Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas/Fort Worth and the party was a lot of fun.    We hadn’t really realized it but it’s been NINE years since we’ve seen one another.   Thanks to social media like Facebook we’ve been in contact but typing on a computer and getting a real live hug from your best friend that you love dearly are two different things.   This lady was my maid of honor at my wedding and was my backbone when I mustered up the courage to leave the abusive relationship I had endured for 12 years.   She’s a wonderful, dear lady who I have never had an argument or disagreement with once.   She knows me inside and out and I her.   Spending time with her was so wonderful,  I hated the weekend to end.   Next year we are already planning for the next convention.    We will be dressing up in costume  and having as much fun as possible.   This year we dressed up like zombie Alice in Wonderland and the Undead Queen of Hearts.   We looked pretty bad ass if I don’t say so myself 🙂

e IMG_1916IMG_1931IMG_1932



IMG_1889alice and queen

Already working on ideas for next year.    There was another Alice at the party but her costume kind of sucked 😉   Mine had a white rabbit on a noose in tow and lots of shredding and blood stains on my dress.   Can’t wait til next year,   to see my best friend,  so spend time with her and to be able to cut loose a little bit and be crazy.

Ok.  end happy rant.    feeling a bit better now.

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