Celebrated Mother’s day a bit differently this year.  Actually to be honest I haven’t celebrated Mother’s day in years.   I had hoped that by now I would have become a mother myself but that hasn’t happened and probably never will (different topic, different time)
This year I decided to send a Mother’s day gift to Donna.   I received the notification in my email that a dozen multicolored tulips were delivered and tomorrow she will be getting some chocolate dipped strawberries (cute little offer over at Shari’s Berries)   I didn’t put anything overly gooshy in the card even though I thought about saying “Sorry again for being a little shit when I was a kid”   that is in the past and letting bygones be bygones is best.    I’m thankful I had this opportunity to do something like this for her.  My mom would understand I think… and if not,  then too bad.

It’s a good feeling.    Probably one of the only good things I have going on in my life right now…   everything else is so jumbled up I don’t even know where to start.

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