An idea came to me..

and it just came out of the blue.   As I’ve said before since losing/misplacing my wedding ring it has affected me greatly.  I have no idea what happened to it,  absolutely NO IDEA and that alone is driving me crazy.  But anyway,  I’m not going to get back into that since it stresses me out every time my mind starts churning over this.

I inherited a ring from my grandmother.  One of my earliest memory of my grandma is of her going into her knick knack cabinet and bringing out 3 diamond rings.    She would show me each one and tell me about how one of them would be mine someday when I was older.  I received my ring back in late 1997 a few months before my mother passed away and it’s been safely tucked away since then.   (at least I did that right!)     Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about that ring, and they say that everything happens for a reason. No matter how awful the thing and how terrible the situation,  there IS a reason behind everything that happens and even if it takes years to manifest itself.     What if that ring my grandma left me all those years ago was meant to be a part of my wedding ring all along?    Oddly enough ever since that thought entered my mind it has given me a sense of peace.    Destiny?   The whole reason behind why this horrible thing happened in the first place?    I’m beginning to think so…

Has this ever happened to anyone else out there?

VOPD 5 March, 2015- My grandfather owned a printing press

…and I am discovering also that he liked to take pictures.   He was pretty dang good at it too!    I’ve been doing a lot of research on him and am finding out he accomplished a lot in his life.    Sure wish I had been given the chance to meet him.   This picture is of my toddler mom and another little one sitting in what I think is the park across the street from our family home.   I like how my grandma made sure to write on the photos who is who for her albums.   No idea who the other girl is,  but she didn’t look as happy to be there as my mom.   Mom’s smile is precious in this picture,   she was such an adorable baby.  Just sayin… 😉

baby mom and friend

Teenagers in the late 1940’s-1950’s VPOTD for 2 March 2015

Judging by this picture,  my mom was a real happening chick with a classy chassis that liked to hang out at beach clubs with her friends.    She tended to steer clear of squares and instead would spend hours in the sun during the summer cruising for a bruising and possibly scoring a swell guy and playing back seat bingo with him at the drive ins   Whew… I had to google 1950’s slang in order to type that.   How odd would it be to be able to say those things naturally?

Still, my mom was a hottie wasn’t she?  No idea who the boys are in the picture but they certainly seemed like a wild bunch.

mom borrego bay

Borrego Springs must have been a real happening place to go to.   Definitely worth some research.

One of the many reasons why I love my husband

abbyplayingfetch missy and daddy l (18) IMG_1775


Animals are extremely meticulous judges of character.    When I was with my ex,  the two cats we owned together interacted with him over half of the time out of fear.   Chris lost his temper a lot and while he never physically hit me,  he would hit items such as walls and thermostat covers.   Once he punched one of our cats for jumping up into the back panel of his piece of crap car.   The panel was so old and worn out that Jolly fell through into the trunk and Chris hit him.   Piece of crap.   If you do that to an animal then you aren’t worth the air you breathe in my opinion.    When I met Mike,  I was a little apprehensive over how he would bond with my cats.   He had never had cats before and would tease me online about how cats were stuck up.  It made me worry that he would never see my two furbabies as the family members to me that they were.    Well,  he surprised me in the best way possible.   Jolly and Wazi both gave me their kitty stamps of approval and since then the new flufflings we have brought into our household all look to him as daddy.  It melts my heart to see an animal bond with someone so closely.   Sometimes he will make a comment that ‘oh finally Daisy is showing me some attention’.    Pttth.. look at these pictures and tell me that there is any doubt that the sun rises and sets in daddy to our furbabies. 🙂     This is why he’s the man for me,  my soulmate and the one true love of my life.



IMG_0976h IMG_1037 IMG_1740 IMG_5338 IMG_5337


Another VPOTD (1 March 2015) – How cute is this?

My grandfather owned the only printing press company in our then little town so I can tell he loved taking photographs. There are stacks and stacks of uniquely placed family photos and everyone in them has a certain ‘look’ on their faces.  That’s not a bad thing at all…. more like he knew how to get them to relax before he snapped their scaleWith that being said,  this is my mom sitting on a scale.   outdoors(?)     I’m guessing it was sort of a ‘Hey friends! Look how big our daughter has grown” brag kind of photo.   It turned out adorable, and look how happy my mom is!

I wish I had met my grandfather,  he seemed like he was quite a man!

Another review blog from Influenster! This time it’s Calvin Klein Reveal men!

Influenster gave me another opportunity to try out something I’ve always wanted to try.   Well,  actually it’s for my husband but it’s also for me 😉   A little over a month ago I was sent a questionnaire about colognes.   What ones have I tried, what ones would I be interested in trying in exchange for my opinion, etc.  I guess I answered the correct answers because shortly after that I was informed that I qualified for the Calvin Klein REVEAL for men  Voxbox!    Yay!    Voxboxes come in all sizes,  this one only held one sample but it was of a cologne that I have always wanted to smell.    My husband has always been kind of a ‘put on whatever smells good at the time’ kinda guy while I am VERY scent orientated.  ( One of the first gifts I bought for him when we first met was a bottle of Curve)   I love putting on things that smell sweet and fruity (Juicy Couture is my absolute favorite)  but I have a small collection of different choices if the mood hits me differently on any given day, and I do make sure I leave the house every morning smelling like one of them.  It’s a ritual I suppose.  For my husband,  it’s always been Curve or Cool Water by Davidoff but sadly, he’s  the complete opposite of me when it comes to fragrance swag.  In our household  I’M the cologne police when he has an important function at work that he has to dress up for and I make sure he leaves smelling just as nummy as he looks.   Sometimes I can tell he just gets frustrated, rolls his eyes and walks away… but I’ll sneak in a spritz on his back while he’s walking away so I still win 🙂   He’ll thank me someday when someone compliments him.

I’m not sure exactly what it is in Curve/Cool Water that I really love to smell on a man, even if I’m out in public walking around I’ll catch a whiff of someone wearing it nearby.      It’s strong and spicy but also clean smelling and exotically sweet.   So, with all that said I was curious on how Calvin Klein would measure up to my favorites.   I definitely wasn’t disappointed!


The package arrived with a little sample of Reveal in a pump spray bottle (never seen one so small before, so cute!) and a little leather card holder (upper right in the picture)   A little extra ‘thank you’ from them for trying out their product.   When I opened it I snuck a sniff and knew I was going to like it.  It has all the components that makes up the scent that I LOVE.   It’s like  a mix of sweet and spice with  a sandalwood overtone.    The next day my husband had a meeting at work that he had to attend in suit and tie so I made sure he wore it.  It absolutely smelled delicious on him,  and it was just as yummy and fragrant after his long work day .    He did say that he received a few comments (not harassingly  of course) and he made sure to tell them it was Calvin Klein Reveal.   As a whole, I love this and would definitely consider this as a future gift for him the next time I proudly don my scent police badge 🙂

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein2

Thank you again,  Influenster for allowing me to test out another product.   Doing this is so much fun!

**as a member I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. the opinions expressed above are mine**

VPOTD 28 February 2015

IMG_1601 IMG_1602

This is in bad shape, looks like it had come in contact with moisture at some point and there is a bit of mildew on the cover.   It’s a pocket sized  leather card holder that is dated 1950 (which is also the year my mom graduated high school)   I know that Job’s daughters is sort of the female version of the Mason’s.    I had no idea my mom was a member until I found this card.    My father was a mason,  proudly.  I remember him going to his meetings all dressed up in his suit and tie.    The lodge in Torrance was located in the now historic downtown area (it’s probably still there, who knows) and his mother was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star which is also a mason’ish woman’s club.  When grandma died she left her ring to me,  I need to find it… it had an interesting little emblem on it that I meant to research.

It’s still cool to have found this.   My mom was a card carrying Job’s Daughter and I had no idea!