I’ve been on a weight loss journey for about 8 months now.   It had gotten to the point where it physically hurt to do anything.   Walk first thing in the morning,  get in and out of the bathtub,  walk from the car into my job (seriously!).   I remember several years ago I was unemployed when we moved over to Germany for the first tour.    I would sit and play games on my computer for hours on end.    Days were lost just sitting and doing nothing else.   One day I was emailing my husband back and forth and I made a mention on how swollen my ankles were.    I think he jumped on WebMD from his work PC and looked up reasons behind it.    He emailed me “Can you press your finger into the swollen part of your ankle and make an indentation?”   I tried, and I could…   half the depth of my finger.   Usually that would be a serious red flag but I kept right on doing what I was doing.  I’ve gotten comments throughout the years from people here and there about my weight.   Overweight people ARE looked upon differently no matter what anyone says.  I have seen it, and I’ve experienced it.   So I decided to finally muster up the will power to do something about it.  I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times especially recently,  and I’ve been a bit worried to step on that scale to see just how much damage I’ve done by eating my feelings.  I’m proud to say that I’m at the same exact place I was  a couple weeks ago!  (doesn’t excuse the eating my feelings part)  but it’s such a relief to know I haven’t totally screwed up everything I had worked so hard towards.

So, with that being said what I’m about to say is still valid 🙂    I went into my doctor’s a couple weeks ago and asked him the dreaded question.   He knows I’ve been on this road to better health and weight loss and he’s been so supportive.   I asked him what my medical ‘ideal’ weight was.   I thought he was going to roll his eyes and say “Grrrrl, you sure you want to know?”    Nope!   He looked it up and I’m only 50 lbs from my goal.    50.   Fifty.   Not 100 like I thought I’d be.  I’m feeling inspired all over again!     Going to start off the new week with a renewed outlook on things.   50,   I can do this!

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