Teenagers in the late 1940’s-1950’s VPOTD for 2 March 2015

Judging by this picture,  my mom was a real happening chick with a classy chassis that liked to hang out at beach clubs with her friends.    She tended to steer clear of squares and instead would spend hours in the sun during the summer cruising for a bruising and possibly scoring a swell guy and playing back seat bingo with him at the drive ins   Whew… I had to google 1950’s slang in order to type that.   How odd would it be to be able to say those things naturally?

Still, my mom was a hottie wasn’t she?  No idea who the boys are in the picture but they certainly seemed like a wild bunch.

mom borrego bay

Borrego Springs must have been a real happening place to go to.   Definitely worth some research.

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