VPOTD 28 February 2015

IMG_1601 IMG_1602

This is in bad shape, looks like it had come in contact with moisture at some point and there is a bit of mildew on the cover.   It’s a pocket sized  leather card holder that is dated 1950 (which is also the year my mom graduated high school)   I know that Job’s daughters is sort of the female version of the Mason’s.    I had no idea my mom was a member until I found this card.    My father was a mason,  proudly.  I remember him going to his meetings all dressed up in his suit and tie.    The lodge in Torrance was located in the now historic downtown area (it’s probably still there, who knows) and his mother was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star which is also a mason’ish woman’s club.  When grandma died she left her ring to me,  I need to find it… it had an interesting little emblem on it that I meant to research.

It’s still cool to have found this.   My mom was a card carrying Job’s Daughter and I had no idea!

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