One hour delay…

Icy conditions in my area has called for a ‘one hour work delay for those “who are not critical and/or essential as previously identified by their supervisor”.    I’m assuming that’s me so I get an extra few minutes to wake up and type a little something before heading out to work in the ice.

I apologize for being so negative in my last entry,  I guess I just let things get to me a little more than I should have..     I found some other cool things to share on here in the meantime until I can get my photos sent out and scanned.   Other family heirlooms (like the red hooded cloak)   that I feel deserve to be shared after being kept in the condition they are in after all these years.

Another project I am working on is helping a senior cat get out of the stray facility I work near and into a forever home to live out her golden years.  This baby was found wandering loose on post with no microchip and was never claimed. (who does that?!)   We guess her age to be more than 10,  most likely in her teens with maybe one or two good teeth left in her mouth.     The strays are usually held for 10 business days then available for adoption,  but people tend to migrate towards the younger ‘awww how cute’ kittens than an old family matriarch like this lady.     I am pretty hopeful that I found someone through a cat group on facebook that will come get her.   She seems very legit,  having rescued a retired blood donor cat from an emergency hospital and another cat that was a special case..  We’ve been in contact a few times this past weekend so hopefully in a couple weeks we will make plans to meet (she’s a couple states over)    Here is a couple pictures of her cute face.   After all those years of living on this earth,  she deserves far much more than living out her remaining days in a cage…  It’s the least I can do,  but every little bit counts for these poor babies that can’t speak for themselves…

old kitty old kitty1


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