Happy thoughts

happy thoughts

We keep happy memories filed in the the back of our minds so we can bring them out to remember when you need a smile.   Have you ever been someplace beautiful or experiencing something absolutely breathtaking when you think silently to yourself   “Never forget this moment as long as you live”  You immediately open all your senses in order to try to remember every single detail from the smells, how the wind feels blowing through your hair and the wonderful, free feeling of having no worries at that very second in your life.   It’s your very own Peter Pan happy thought, so to speak because when you take yourself back to that moment you swear you can fly!

I had one of those moments last week

A couple months ago my husband and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas.   First cruise ever and hopefully not the last.   It was such an amazing time!    The ship, our cabin,  all of the shows and dancing and music and the waitstaff.  Oh, the waitstaff!   They treat you like royalty!    On that ship amongst the passengers there was an unspoken rule.   Nobody discussed the fact that  this vacation we were on would eventually end.   It was a taboo subject.  After having such a wonderful time nobody wanted to return to the ‘real world’  with hardships and responsibilities.

One of our stops was at a private island called Little Stirrup Cay.    We boarded a smaller boat from the cruise ship that took us to the island and then we had the day to do whatever we wanted.  It was beach and sun surrounded by tropical’ness for a whole day!   The feeling of walking around that island surrounded by nothing but sand, clear blue water and coconut trees was paradise.   After taking a trip out to ‘Stingray City” and encountering an enclosure full of stingrays  (yes, we got to pet and hold them!, I wanted to cry I was so excited!  )   We went out to the beach area to dip our toes in the ocean.   I remember every detail of that day right down to the temperature of the water and the feeling of the fish whisking past my legs.  There were needlefish and puffer fish that swam around us as if it was nothing.  Looking at tourists’ legs and feet must be the norm for those fish.  The beach was easily waist high at least a quarter mile or more out towards the ocean.   My husband and I walked out into the ocean headed for the deeper water for a while until I found a rock that was deep enough to kneel on.   There were most likely hundreds of tourists on the same island that day but where I was it didn’t feel like it.  I had my own little piece of paradise right there sitting in that salty ocean.   IMG_1245 IMG_1244

So as I was saying,  last week was rough. Some family drama going on as well as trying to get a handle on juggling a job and keeping the house from falling into disarray.  I think as I’ve gotten older I have developed more OCD behavior when it comes to cleanliness.   I can’t stand mess,  but some days I’m so tired when I come home that I don’t have the energy to do anything.   Then the next day is the same thing,  and the next,  rinse, wash, repeat.   By midweek I was so flustered I went outside and sat on the front porch (in the below freezing temps) and just needed to collect my thoughts.    I thought back to that day on the beach and how it felt to be carefree and relaxed at that very moment.   The feeling of the fish swimming past my legs and even how it burned my eyes when I accidentally splashed a little bit of that salt water up in my face.

A few minutes of pondering that and I felt a lot better.   Main reasons were,  it was my own memory that I made from experience and it shows that life isn’t all bad.   Through the tough times there are moments that you can escape to in your mind that helps make getting through it even if just a little bit easier.   It also inspired me to start planning for that next opportunity where I can have my next adventure and make more memories.    Life is what you make of it,  and even though I can be the poster child of depression I’ve been getting better at remembering that.

So close your eyes and breathe the next time you are having a bad day.  I’m sure you have something stuffed away in your memories to make you feel like you can fly.   Just think of a wonderful thought…


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