Living in a world with no mirrors

I belong to Influenster where they send out products to try for free in exchange for my opinions and endorsement.  So far I’ve had fun doing it as I’ve gotten some cool stuff.   You also go to their site and do certain tasks in order to gain ‘badges’ which qualify you for possibly being picked to get more free stuff to try.   It’s a never ending loop,  but it’s been fun!

One of the tasks I was given was to go to youtube and watch a video by the company that makes the product “No7 Protect & Perfect ADVANCED Serums”.   I had never heard of this before I received it in my voxbox so I got to try it without hearing anything about it,  good or bad.    It’s a nice product,  although I wish they had sent a little bit more in order for me to form a more accurate opinion about it.    The amount I received is less than what you get in a packet of shampoo sample.   I’m not saying they should hang out full sized bottles for samples but maybe a week or so in order to see if it actually does make a difference in your skin.  With that being said I’m more than willing to purchase a bottle on my own,  but just not right away.    When I do though, I’ll share the experience 🙂  But anyway..
like I was saying, one of the tasks was to watch the video which is here,  it shows 8 women trying the product over a period of 4 weeks and then revealing the difference as they look at themselves in the mirror for the first time…  after 4 weeks!      Yep, no mirrors for 4 weeks!   Would you be able to do that?     Several years ago there was a tv show called “The Swan”.    It was a reality show that women agreed to undergo extreme plastic surgery and other cosmetic reconstructive procedures as well as drastic weight loss and vigorous exercise regimens in order to compete to be the contestant that shows the most change when it comes time to reveal yourself in the mirror.   These women were placed in an environment with no mirrors anywhere.. no possibility of even catching a glimpse of what you may look like anywhere.   Those that were caught with mirrors were immediately disqualified.   On the results show they had each contestant walk up to a curtain covered mirror and filmed their reaction as they see themselves for the first time in weeks.  I just looked up on youtube for a video of the show and came across this.   Bear in mind even this where are they now video is years old so who knows where these girls are today.   I just always thought the fact that they went through such altering procedures and were not allowed to look at their reflection was cruel.  I don’t think I could do it, even if they got free lipo and cosmetic surgeries.   I would have probably snapped a week in,  probably less.    Would you live in a world without mirrors by choice?   I do see some pros living that way,  but I don’t think I could get past the cons!

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