V(sort of) POTD 11 January 2015

This picture is a great example of why pictures are taken in the first place.   To stop time at a moment that you want to look back someday on and remember.   That’s me in the red and white silly sailor looking top and horrifying bangs.   I am going to guess it was in the 1980-1983 timeframe.  Next to me is my mom and my cousin Jane.    We used to drive to Jane’s farm in Fresno.  It wasn’t that far of a trip,  but to a kid sitting in the car even for a few hours it seemed like we were traveling to another world.    Going there was my first taste of ‘country’ life. I remember climbing all over their farming equipment and once finding a tiny lone homeless kitten in their barn.   It was hotter in Fresno than it was in Los Angeles so I remember fussing to my parents about that (like they had any control of the weather)  I also remember there being a long running family joke about Jane’s husband Floyd loving ketchup so much he put it on everything.   At dinner there would always be a comment like “Where’s your giant bottle of ketchup, Floyd?”   Isn’t it odd what things you remember back when you were a kid?   Small trivial things,  but I don’t remember this picture being taken.   I wish I had.

jane and mom

We were all obviously sharing a laugh.   Mom was always the jokester in the family, she would come up with the funniest things to say at a moment’s notice  (I think I inherited that from her).    No doubt mom had just said something that made Jane and I laugh,  although I have a creepy smirk on my face.   Ugh, that hairstyle!     It’s a piece of time I’m glad that is preserved in a photo to look back on.  It is nice to see my mom laughing.   She’s been gone now 17 years in March and I like to think I still remember what her voice sounded like.   Over time though, I’m so afraid of that fading from my memory.   In this picture though the sound of her laugh comes through clearly just by looking at it.

I cherish that,   but not my choices of hair and clothing back then.

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