(Way, way overdue) VPOTD

The past 2 nights have been a blur.   Soon after getting home from work I have involved myself in some sort of random house cleaning/organizing project that ends up lasting until bedtime.    (Squirrel!!)    I really have missed writing here…      Anyways,  back on track…   This picture is so old it’s almost snapped right in half.   The odd thing about it is that it appears to be a photo of someone but on a postcard backing.  In my grandmother’s handwriting it says “Aunt Lillie Hannon Holken”.  Her namesake maybe?    Imagine getting dressed up this fancy just to sit for a picture.  Most likely this wasn’t a particular special occasion on her part.   Women dressed so elegantly all the time and   spent as much time as needed on themselves to make sure they looked perfect before going about their day.   Where were all the sweat pants and oversized shirts back then?    I can’t even imagine the looks on the faces of the women of yesterday if they saw how we dress today.     Comfy definitely wasn’t “IN”, huh?



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