VPOTD- 3 January 2015

Whew.. this post almost didn’t happen as I’ve been hit with some sort of flu plague.   All I’ve wanted to do all day is lay down, shut my eyes and occasionally get up and vomit.   Not very convenient since I go back to work Monday….   why couldn’t this have happened last week when I had it off?    I’m running low on scanned vintage pictures too.. I have boxes and boxes of them AND a scanner downstairs but my husband hasn’t been very helpful in fulfilling his promise in showing me how to use it.    Normally I would go down and try to figure it out myself but he has it wired all weird.   It’s frustrating as hell and I want to scream but where would that get me?    yeah.. exactly…   anyways…

This picture is interesting in a few ways.   Although there’s no date anywhere I am going to say this picture was taken around 1950.   How do I know that?   Because Dodie is my mom and she graduated in 1950.   The girl standing next to her is my step mom.    Yep, you read that right.   In high school my father dated her, they broke up at some point then he married his first wife (not my mother),   divorced again, married my mom,  divorced, then married Donna.     He remained married to Donna until he passed away in 2000.   Now, I knew that mom and her were friends in high school but seeing a picture of them standing together was still really wild to see.   The divorce between my mom and dad was an ugly one,  and of course being a young teen I had issues with the woman that I felt stole my dad.    I’ll probably go into all of that at a later time.   Let’s just say for now that Donna and I have mended fences and I hold no ill will towards her.  Everyone deserves to be happy and if it meant my dad reconnecting with his high school girlfriend to find it,  then who am I to judge?


A couple months ago I found Donna on facebook and sent a friend request.   I had always wondered how she was doing after all these years so imagine my surprise when she sent me a message.  We’ve been in contact ever since and it’s been nice talking with her and asking questions about my dad that I never got a chance to ask.    There was a lot of things I wish I would have asked and said to both my parents,  I’m thankful I can have this opportunity while it lasts. ..







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