Best friends.   Pretty much everyone has at least one.   Whether it be someone you met in your childhood and grew up with or met them somewhere along the way in your life.  They are those friends you would do anything for,  and they would do anything for you too.. right?


Well that’s MY definition of a best friend.     It’s dumb bitches like Paris Hilton that cheapened the meaning of a best friend for a bid at a crappy short lived reality show.  Having a best friend isn’t at all what she defines (IE: what they can give her and how they make HER look when she’s.. like.. omg hanging out with them!)     Now people toss the word around like it’s nothing.   I actually had a friend of mine say to me (and I QUOTE)  “I told my roommate she was my best friend but she really isn’t,  YOU are my best friend”.    Um.. really?      Should I say thank you or I’m sorry that you think that way?   When she said that to me it really got me to thinking how people think.  Many have forgotten what a real friend is.  Some people form cliques because it’s better to travel in packs than not.  Even if they hate those people with a firey passion,  they still will hang out with them and be their “BFF” because it’s better than nothing at all.   Social ‘gangs’,  that’s all it is.     THANKS, PARIS HILTON!





Don’t get me wrong, I used to be guilty of that too,  but as I’ve gotten older I have some to realize that your real friends,  those TRUE BLUE people in your life that stand beside you through thick and thin are very few and far in between.   In terms of ‘best’ friends in my life I can count them on one hand.   It’s those few people that I would do literally anything for and I know they’d do the same for me.  Having a ‘best’ friend doesn’t mean you have to talk to them several times a day,  several times a month, or once a year.    When you do reconnect with them though, it’s like no time had passed and you pick up where you left off.   Having people like that in your life is a precious thing and I cherish them so, so much.






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