VPOTD- 2 January 2015 Mom McFly and Grandma

This is a picture of my mom and my grandma and I LOVE it!   It shows my mom as a bobby sox wearing teen.   I like seeing pictures of my parents when they were young.   When you are a kid you don’t see your parents as ever being young.  “You just don’t understand me!”  we would say, as if they never had the same growing up trials, tribulations and drama that we did.  Pictures like this one makes my mom more ‘real’ to me if that makes any sense.   Sadly she is gone so I can’t ask her about her life growing up,   but these pictures I can continue to admire and try to see the world as it was through her eyes.  My grandma, all dressed up  looks as serious as ever,  like I’ve said before she rarely smiled in any of her pictures.   I’m guessing grandpa was taking the picture.   Maybe a last minute thought since mom didn’t look like she was ready for a photo. (smooth that sweater out, mom!)    It’s a great picture though!


She kind of looks like Marty McFly’s mom in Back to the Future,  don’t you think?



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