Brooches and pins- old school ‘pieces of flair’

Something else I inherited a lot of,  costume jewelry.  Mom loved to wear it,  and my grandmother did too.  Back then it was kind of stylish to wear something sparkly and festive  at a social function or out to dinner.  I went to a lot of holiday parties with my parents where everyone wore some sort of fun sparkly pin, brooch or necklace.   From my point of view back then (and I was SHY)  it made those people more friendly and approachable.    Displayed their personality for all to see, so to speak.    From what I see people don’t do that much anymore… You see more negative displays of personality than positive.    For instance, my husband has a shirt that says “Attempting to care… please wait…” with a computer download bar icon underneath.   While that shirt is humorous,  people seem more geared to wear things that project how they see it-  negative.    Anti political t shirts,  anti religious t shirts,  anti anything and everything you can think of t shirts.     It’s a shame the world is such a serious place now where people are afraid to cut loose and wear a sparkly festive pin every now and then.

Of course if that day was to come around again,  I’m more than stocked up!

IMG_1596 IMG_1597 IMG_1599 IMG_1600


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