Ass clowns with nothing else better to do with their time…..


I was really looking forward to posting today’s  VPOTD,  but before I do that I need to make this entry.   There was a photo uploaded in my media library that I have NO idea where it came from.  It wasn’t pornography or anything too offensive,  just a stupid random picture.   Hopefully this doesn’t mean my account has been compromised but I’m going to change my password and buffer up my security on here to make sure this doesn’t happen again.    I hate it when things like this happen.    I had a Hotmail account since 1997 that had been hacked twice.    I had years of emails, photos and email addresses from people that spanned all those years.   Whoever it was sent stupid phishing links to everyone on my address list.   Spammed everyone’s email boxes with that crap.   After that happened I got hundreds of replies from those people that said basically the same thing “You’ve been hacked”   “Got this email,  think you were hacked”  Blah,  what a freaking mess.   I ended up deleting everything and starting new,  just because some ass clown decided to meddle in my private business and harassed all the people I knew.    With all that being said if there have been any offensive comments, photos, whatever posted/shared since last night,  it wasn’t me.   Hopefully changing my password and boosting up the security settings will fix this problem.

Has anybody else ever had this problem on here?


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