A Child’s love/hate relationship with Santa Part 2 (finally)

dog-distracted-by-squirrelI blame ADD for not following up on my previous post.    It’s been so much fun looking through everything and deciding what to share next that it’s been very easy to lose track.    I feel like the Dug of WordPress bloggers…!

But anyway,  yeah…   I was going to continue on explaining how I went from being terrified of Santa to looking forward every year for our picture together at the mall. At some point he redeemed himself,  I don’t know exactly how or when… but I’m guessing it was the plethora of goodies that he brought me every year.    I have a picture somewhere of me sitting indian style on the floor next to the Christmas tree with a HUGE smile on my face hugging a whole set of stuffed animal Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals (considered antique collectable Disney in these times)   Mom dressed me up in adorable little Christmas themed dresses,  1970’s style.   My hair was all brushed and curled at the ends and I looked like a perfect little angel.    Santa  always sat waiting in the same area of Del Amo Mall.   His throne was big and extravagant and he took the time to ask each kid if they had been good during the year and what they wanted for Christmas.   Looking back, the guy was a pro  at reading parents’ body language.   When I asked him for something that was totally out of my parent’s ability to give,  he would tell me something like “I will do what I can this year, Stacey but please know that if you don’t get “that” particular toy then maybe you will get it another year.   Santa will try his best!”   I went away from that man with a smile on my face knowing that Santa was going to try his very best to get me what I wanted.   After I made sure to pose for a very pretty picture with him, of course.    You can tell I loved every aspect of pictures with Santa Claus.    My parents always had lots of copies of the yearly Santa picture and sent them to friends and family.    Here is one picture I have managed to dig up so far.    There are many and once I get them I’ll share those too.   IMG_1478


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