After Christmas/Thanksgiving tradition of my very own

Christmas is officially over!   The Christmas tree is most likely still standing in people’s living rooms with opened presents beneath it.   The house is cleaned up of the wrapping paper that just the day before was being torn off those packages that contained your new ‘ loot’.  (our trash pickup fell on a Friday this year so we were up late making sure we got as much of the garbage out as possible, yay!)   All the food from the day before is now sitting in your fridge awaiting to become leftovers for however long it takes before it crosses the threshold into the land of spoilage.

I’m all about the leftover turkey sandwiches.  It was something my mom and I would do at about midnight either just after Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Both of us would go into the kitchen and make our sandwiches.    Two pieces of Webber’s bread, thin spread of mayo, and a sprinkle each of salt and pepper on one bread side.  Then a healthy amount of  cranberry sauce and turkey (dark meat please!) on the other side.    We would sit at the kitchen table munching on our sandwiches and talk.   I miss those days.   It was our tradition,  and even now every time I make one of mom’s midnight turkey sandwiches I always think of her, miss her, and wish we could have those moments back.

Oh stop!   this isn’t meant to be a sad post.    It’s these memories that made me the person I am today, and for that I couldn’t be happier.   It’s like I get to celebrate a little bit of my childhood every time I make one of those sandwiches.


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