Playbill pages 3 and the back page

There are the last 2 pages for this playbill.   I hope everyone didn’t mind this being split up into parts.   I’m still new at WordPress so I’m still finding my way around.Meet the people playbill page 3 I am open to any suggestions/critique/etc so these posts can be easier to read,  more entertaining, etc.   I want to do these right,  so if there is something I’m lacking in or doing too much of please let me know!   Meet the people playbill   back page

The back page of this program was kind of interesting.   Look at the bottom ad.  80 cents for a complete French Dinner.   Can you imagine plopping down a few quarters and a few nickels or dimes to pay for your complete dinner?    Life was so simple back then.    Anyways, thank you for checking in with my blog and look at what I have to share.   Tomorrow I may do a share about Christmas  (kind of a rant but most likely not what you think)    Until then,  I am off to sleep so Santa can come to our house and bring us presents.   Rumor has it too that the good little dogs in our house **MAY** get a small cup of vanilla yogurt from Santa  IF, indeed they have been good this year.     I guess we will see…

Until next time.. 🙂


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