Merry Christmas (eve) to all my readers!

I missed posting something yesterday and I feel badly about it.    I’m really enjoying doing this.  (if I haven’t said it already 9586985 times) so missing out on one day I get mind block on what I want to share today.   Well, even though I still have 2 more pages of the Playbill to upload,  I figure tonight will be about Santa,  because it’s Christmas Eve and all.    After I post this,  I will upload another post with Pages 3 and 4 of the Playbill.    Reason being is I have some other things to share and rather than draw this out for another 2 days I want to get on to the new things.

So with that being said,   I’m off to make myself a cup of Celestial Seasonings Candy IMG_1509Cane Lane Green Tea (yum yum!)  decaffeinated.   From the looks of the package it’s only seasonal so I’m happy I had the opportunity from Influenster to try this.  Inside the package I received there were 2 tea pouches inside.   That’s pretty dang cool!  Usually samples packs only have 1.   From the initial way this pouch smells I already know I am going to like the taste.   After about a minute 10 seconds of water heating it’s poured over the tea pouch into my cup.   mmmm!  The smell is nice!   It almost smells like a Christmas candle I would light around this time of the year.    The taste is really good!  It doesn’t ‘smack you in the face’ with an overwhelming peppermint taste,  but rather it has a minty taste along with a sweet spicy flavor that may be the orange peels and cinnamon.    Usually I am very VERY particular about what kind of cinnamon I can handle without gagging  (you know those cinnamon scented pine cones they haul out at super markets around Christmas time?   I literally have to hold my breath and hurry past them.  My husband giggles at me but It doesn’t bother me.) I’ve always had an issue with cinnamon.     This tea, though is a nice mellow combination so the slight flavor is something I am enjoying.   The fact it’s decaffeinated is a plus too!   Sometimes I like a cup or two of coffee in order to wake up,  but when I have tea at night I prefer it decaffeinated, and green tea which I really love!   Since I weaned myself off of sodas (and trust me,  with all the sodas I used to drink,  to quit cold turkey was like detoxing.  It SUCKED)   All in all I’d say this tea is something I would definitely buy again!   Even though it isn’t overpoweringly minty it still leaves kind of cool feeling on your tongue and throat when you swallow.  Also it’s not the kind of tea that you need to add a sweetner into in order to enjoy it.   It has a nice balance of minty, citrus and sweet in every sip.

Thank you, Influenster for the opportunity to review this!    I’m going to save the other pouch for a special occasion!IMG_1511


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