Memorabilia and family memories a plenty!

I inherited a ton of pictures from my family (mostly on my mother’s side).  I’m not talking a few photo albums… I’m talking BOXES AND BOXES.  Lots and lots of black and white photos of unidentified people.   Family members from what is written on the photos in my grandmother Lillian’s handwriting.   People I never asked about nor had the opportunity to hear stories about.   When my sister passed away a few years ago these things were in a storage shed in California.   I had the shed unpacked, loaded onto a truck and driven to me in Missouri.   Even to this day I haven’t gone through everything that arrived.  Emotionally I can only do a little bit at a time.    As much as I hate to just toss these pictures out,  maybe I’ll scan them onto here first to share with whoever happens across this blog.   I’ll share the writing on each photo as well.     For example.. the picture that is featured here I do know 2 of the 4 people.   Far right, is my grandmother Lillian Ulbright.   Just by all the pictures I’ve come across of her she didn’t smile much while posing for them.  I think that was normal back in those days but I don’t know why.   3rd over from grandma is my own mother,  Dolores Lillian Ulbright.  The other two ladies I have my guesses who they are but I’m not 100 percent sure.   Maybe while going through these photos I’ll find out.    So, product reviews and photo sharing in between general every day blogging.    yay 🙂


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