Ups and downs

How long does it take for somebody to truly overcome depression?     I mean, really truly overcome it?   A part of me thinks I’ll always harbor some sort of it no matter what happens in my life.  Reason being, it’s something you deal with, not cure.    There’s a commercial for an antidepressant I saw when we lived in Missouri that describes it perfectly. ( Edit:  Found it on youtube!  Link here )

Now,  notice how even though the cartoon is taking ‘Abilify’  that the dark little cloud of depression is still with her even at the end of the commercial?    That’s how I feel,  I manage most days now, but every now and then I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me and I can’t function.   I think I need to focus more on dealing with it rather than getting rid of it altogether.   Before I moved from Missouri a very bad job experience lead me to seek counseling.    She was helpful and just before I stopped going to her she touched on the subject that I was dealing with a severe abandonment issue that happened at some point in my life.   Looking back at things, I know I blocked some awful events from my childhood so I wouldn’t have to deal with them.    I think I’ll write a little bit about that in my next blog.


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