RIP the “Family table”?

Im I the only one that feels this way?


When I was younger I had a HUGE family.   Grandparents, aunts, uncles, half siblings, etc etc etc.  Holiday get together were large, extravagent and memorable.   We baked cookies every Christmas, had people come over for garage sales, fourth of july parties, etc etc.   Heck, my half sister was even married in our backyard in a large event where I can’t even believe our house held that many people.


Now that I’m older though, I am in touch with only a small handul of my ‘family’.   Many have passed away or simply faded out of my life.  It’s sad too because I miss those days a lot, even though as a kid I didn’t think much of the effort it must have put my parents through to throw such events. I just expected them to happen each and every holiday…      What happened? 


Someday I’ll get into my siblings, family life and such,  but I just wanted to post this before falling asleep because it was on my mind.   Do people still value true family time like they did back in the old days?  The days before sports were on 98 channels, cellphones, texting,  and the internet was invented?   The days where you were comfortable sitting in a chair in the living room of your house watching your niece play with a newly unwrapped Christmas toy or eating dinner with your family chatting about one anothers’ lives and not wonder in the back of your mind what Octomom was doing next  to get out of debt or what crazy shinanagins were going on in a reality tv show?


Call me nostalgic but I miss those days.  A lot!


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