Several years back I used writing as a sort of ‘getaway’ from the real world.   It started back in my early teens when someone introduced me to “Dragon Quest”  (a similar game like Dungeons and Dragons,  what the difference is though I have no idea)  The guy who ruined the best years of my youth (I would call him my X but I don’t feel he is even worthy of calling him that,  X’s can have the potential of being your friend even after your failure at trying at being a couple).   However this person I am talking about, and I’m sure I’ll mention him quite a bit in this blog somewhere deserves simply the title of the guy who ruined the best years of my youth.   Period.   I’m sure if any of you stick around to read about him too, you may agree with me… but anyways, back to writing.
I was brought into the Dragon Quest circle by my gwrtbyomy’s friends.  His father who worked for TRW had some co workers who wanted to score brownie points by schmoozing their boss’s kid.   Of course gwrtbyomy was too stupid to see that.   He thought being a 17 year old kid that a bunch of 30 and 40 somethings really thought he was cool to hang out with (lol).   I tagged along because I didn’t like being home with my mom.   We weren’t getting along and this boyfriend I had was the perfect ‘bad boy’ I needed to envelope myself in.   Why do girls tend to get attracted to the assholes?    yeah…  that’s a mystery of the ages right there.   But anyways, back to WRITING!
I loved the storytelling you could do by playing that game.  It was like you could write your own experiences and play them out just the way you wanted to.   I made up a character, my first one by myself.   Her name was Hayloh.  A shapeshifter tiger who was hot as hell.   I would play that character on game night and come up with neat little side stories about her, her family, etc etc.    wierd thing was, I never told anybody about anything more than what was supposed to be revealed on game night.   All this really cool back story stayed tucked in the back of the folder I carried into game every night, but nobody ever knew how awesome she really was.  Eventually the brown-nosing employees grew weary of having two teenagers hanging out with them on game night and we stopped going.
The years went by and the computer age was getting more and more popular.   Certain events caused me to acquire a settlement and I purchased my first computer.  It was in 1997,  then that September I believe a new type of online roleplaying game was being released called Ultima Online and I rushed out to get it.  The handbook for the game was hundreds of pages long and it absolutely sucked me in!

All the potential for being creative and once again escaping the real world if even for a short time was intoxicating.  The worthless gwrtbyomy also wanted to play the game too,  but he played female characters because he felt it was easy to scam items from other male players in the game..  since it was totally interactive you could meet people in virtual ‘world’.  Dumbass.   Years later after I kicked him to the curb I told the few people he had interacted with who HE really was.   It’s funny to think he was one of the first online harlots.. 🙂  but that was his talent all along,  lies and deception.
Fast forward to about 1998,  I was still playing UO and had kicked the loser to the curb.    I had made quite a few friends as a result of that game and a  lot of them knew what I was going through.   I moved into a house with 2 of my friends Nick and Tasha who were renting the house from Nick’s father.  It was perfect!   A house way out in the middle of nowhere in Meadow Vista, California.   We all played UO and partied.   I started my creative writing again helping people in that game with quests and storylines.  One of the people I helped turned out to be the man I’m married to today.   He liked my creativity and we started talking a lot about our likes and dislikes.   He also had a knack for writing so it was inspiring to have someone there when I was on that ‘getaway’ from the real world.   Here and there we had written some things together but over time I burned out on that side of my persona.    It wasn’t until recently that I felt that urge to get it back.    Writing to me helps get out all these feelings I keep in because I don’t think i could get anybody to sit long enough to hear all of what I have to say..

and if anybody does stick around to read my blogs.. thank you 🙂


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