My FIRST real attempt at employment

When you’re 14 mostly all you can think about is hanging out with friends, going to the mall and buying cool things.  I had two best friends in the 7th grade,  Denise and Jennifer.   Both were friends before i met them and I just joined their group.   We did everything together, including mischief.

Denise’s older sister worked at a nearby Insurance company.  I think she was a secretary or something.  She was asked if she knew of anybody willing to sit in the office after hours and make telephone calls (aka the dreaded TELEMARKETER job) and make a few bucks an hour.    She enlisted Denise, Jennifer and me and we showed up for ‘work’.

Our ‘workstation’ was we each had a desk in an individual office with a phone.    We were given a list of people to call with a script.  I can’t even remember the things we were supposed to say to the people we called but i know we had to repeat their property address back to them while we were doing our schpiel.  Nowadays that would trigger a huge red flag for anybody hearing that.   Stalker! stalker!   At that job we did anything but work.  I hate to say every dollar we were given was not earned.   Many of the people we called were pleasant but declined our offer,  a few people scolded us for calling during their ‘stories’  and a small handful of people would scream, yell and hang up.   It was those people, our 14 year minds would spring into action and write the numbers down later for prank calling.  I think we maybe made about 10 ‘success’ calls between the 3 of us before we decided telemarketing wasn’t our bag.    Funny thing is, my friend’s sister went on to become a successful Insurance agent with the same company.   I’m glad the antics of her little sister and two friends didn’t ruin that chance!


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